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Free Crafting! {And a Chalk Art Tutorial}

Did I ever tell you about this awesome event I went to a few months ago? Basically, it was organized as an effort to keep all the samples of fabric, tile, carpet and other items in home decor showrooms and offices from going in the landfill when the owners were down with them. They set […]

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Chalk Painting

Today was a rainy day so I was looking for ideas to burn energy while indoors. This is a great project for that and then when it is sunny, we will have an easy activity!  We made chalk paint, it was super easy, first you choose a piece of  chalk and put it in a […]

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Chalkboard Play Table

I have been seeing so much fun stuff around blog land with chalk board paint! I was so inspired that I had to break out my can of it and go to town! I pretty much grabbed anything I could think of to paint so you might be seeing a few projects with this specific […]

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Baby Class Activity- Sidewalk Paint

Today was one of those AWESOME days at baby class where BOTH projects worked!!! Ok, honestly you have to have a thick skin when working with young children to a certain degree for the following reasons: One: No human on this planet is more painfully honest then a child under 5 years old.  Two: You […]

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