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Feather Earrings {Tutorial}

I have been wanting to experiment with feather jewlery for a while but I didn’t know how to make it work.  Then it came to me, probably in the middle of the night or in the shower or some other weird and somewhat inconvenient time. But, because I know that I am usually on the […]

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One person’s rock…

Is another person’s pendant necklace!! Yup, I went there. I got a rock out of my back yard and turned it into this: Not too shabby huh? Click “Read More” to check out how I did it! First go in your backyard and look for a rock. Not a boulder, not a pebble, but a […]

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Pendant Necklace

I am excited about this post, really. This is probably one of my favorite necklaces I have made lately and it is so simple! I was starring at those flat marbles we have all picked up at the dollar store for various projects and it just came to me: Pendant necklace! Click “Read More” to […]

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Button Necklaces

My mom gives me all her old craft supplies when she is over whatever new trendy project she bought them for at the time.  Fine with me!  One of the latest batches yielded me a BUNCH of buttons and I wanted to think of something to use them for before the husband threatened to throw […]

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Single Rosette Necklace {Tutorial}

I know, you all are probably sick if the rosettes by now but I can’t help myself!! This will be the last one….maybe.  But this one is cute because you can wear it with anything; a white, single rosette necklace! Click “Read More” to see the tutorial. Materials: Fabric rosette Chain  Eye pins Jump ring  […]

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Keeping It Simple

Rosette Bracelet Tutorial

We all know I have been allllllll about the rosette jewlery lately, and I am keepin’ it going!  All those necklaces need some bracelets to go with them right?! Well here you go!! What do you think? I wore it to the grocery store and got a few compliments so it passed that test! Click […]

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