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Celebrate Your Extraordinary Child

This whole parenting thing is hard. It puts us through more challenges than we ever think we would be able to tolerate, but along with that are a number of extraordinary moments. I think we can agree that these can many times be small, catch us off guard and make every single challenge worth it. Of course there are the obvious epic parenting moments like graduation and awards and larger scale more recognized success, but there are also the more every day experiences that make all children extraordinary and in this post, I am focusing on those.

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Let’s think about it, I know that I have had those days where I seriously think I might need to start investing in wigs because I might just pull my hair out but then I look over and Avery is cleaning up her own mess with out being asked. Or she is tucking in a friend at nap time. Or just looking at me and saying “mommy, you’re not nice, you’re amazing” - yeah, sometimes her compliments are a little double sided but it’s cool. The point is, I get so much from those small moments, they are what shape the day. They are also the moments I almost didn’t get. If you have been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that 2 years ago Avery was hospitalized for pretty much having almost no red blood cells in her body.

I have a long post all about it, but the short version is I took her to the doctor twice in one week because something wasn’t right. They took her blood and her red blood cells count was so low (like a third of that of an anemic person) that we had to drive straight over to be admitted to the hospital. She had to have a biopsy and be given a full unit of blood through a number of transfusions over the course of two days. It was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through but it really made me appreciate the small things. I remember taking this picture which looks so sad with all the wires and tubes, but, the important part of this photo, the fact that she was painting. She loves to paint.

june 17 2012 042

Or this one where she is playing with a yellow car, her favorite color, and smiling. She is hooked up to machines but smiling- children are amazing.

june 17 2012 028

In the end it turned out that she had T.E.C., it was caused by a virus and is not too uncommon in young children. She got sick and for some reason her body stopped making red blood cells, so when the ones she had started dying off, there was nothing to replace it and her levels started dropping. It was a rough summer, but we got through it and while epic is great, children should be celebrated for all of their extraordinary moments. Everything from painting to sharing to hugging to playing to exploring to every other special moment you can pick upon throughout the day.

Avery collage

This is why when I was given the opportunity to create a custom video to Avery through the Stanford Children’s Health website I jumped on it. I have a special place in my heart for people who work with kids and moms and Stanford Children’s Health is the biggest Bay Area hospital focusing on children and expectant woman. All of that and they still have created a simple and easy way to add words and a few pictures to make a special video by you to your child to let them know how exceptional you think they are. You can check out mine here. The video was so easy to put together and it really is an amazing memory to share with your kids. I highly suggest you take a few moments and make one of your own.

Your kid is extraordinary. Show them how much you enjoy every moment together by creating a special video of your own!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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