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Cars Party {The Tutorials}

Hey all!! I am back with all of the tutorials to make everything from the Cars party I shared yesterday, HERE. I was going to write all separate posts but they are pretty quick so I thought one stop reading would be a great option.

The only thing is, all of the great signs and digital graphics I used were made by my friend, birthday boys mom, with her digital scrapbooking software. I am not able to share all of those but I do have the how to’s for the rest of the special touches.

Let’s get to it!!

Water Bottles

I started with standard water bottles and put a strip of black and white checked duct tape around them at the label. I didn’t remove the label underneath because the tape was wider than the existing label so I didn’t bother taking the time.

My friend made a page of the Rust-eze logo and then got it printed at Costco at 20 per page. I fussy cut them all out and then ran them through the Xryon sticker making machine.

 Then I put the, now, sticker over the part of the tape that overlapped to cover it up.You could use another adhesive, but the little machine isn’t too expensive (with a coupon it will be like $15) and the label stayed on completely.

 Cupcake Picks

These were another digital image (you might be able to figure out another way to make such items if you are resourceful and know how to use a photo editing site). She had 25-30 per 12×12 page and again, got it printed at Costco. I cut them out with a circle cutter (or you could use a punch) and with the same cutter, made black circles for the back. I ran these through the Xryon as well because it just went faster, but normally I hot glue them and it always works well.

I sandwiched a large toothpick (you find these in the unfinished wood section of the craft store) between a front side and a black circle. It went really quick!

Party Favors

My friend scored a couple boxes of these little boxes from one of her son’s teachers (be nice to your kid’s teachers people!) so she had these on hand but this would work in a bag too. She also found these Cars stickers that just needed to be trimmed a bit to fit in the box. I put them in upside down so when the box was turned over, you could see them.

So when I turned it back over to open it up, it looked like this:

 Then I put some red paper shreds in the box and a toy car fit perfectly on top.

Then I closed them up and put a lable (also made digitally and ran through the Xyron) on the top.

Wrapped raffia around the box.

And added a couple of pixie sticks picked up at the dollar store.

Marshmallow Pop Display
I have these small flower pot type things since my wedding 4 years ago, I got them at a whole sale flower shop for like a dollar and use them for everything. I found that foam disks from the dollar store fit perfectly and I propped them up with another piece of Styrofoam and then added some white duct tape on top to make sure it didn’t come out when people pulled one of the pops out.

I put the red paper shreds in after I taped it down and then put the marshmallow pops on top. These are just marshmallows on a stick, dipped in candy melts and then rolled in graham cracker crumbs. Easy and I am not joking ALWAYS a winner at parties. 

Jello Stoplight Tubes

These were probably the most popular part of the party. I had a lot of questions about where the tubes came from and they were picked up at a scrapbook/craft type convention. My friend brought them to me when we were planning and asked how we could use these and this is what came to mind. She also grabbed me green, yellow,  and red jello (sugar free). It does take a while because it needs to set between layers but it worked out great.

I used a funnel to put it in the tubes though by the end I was able to just free pour it. I started with the green and filled by thirds, approximately. I put mine in the freezer to speed up the setting a bit so I could add the next color. Then, when I was done, I left them in the fridge overnight. If you don’t have the tubes, there are a bunch of clear cups (plastic champagne flutes would be cute) that you can choose from at the dollar store. You just need something clear and plastic (it is a kid’s party after all).

You could probably make an adult version if you wanted to… just sayin’. But don’t get them mixed up!!!

Snack Funnel Display

I literally thought of these on the spot while setting up the buffet. I just stuck the smallest of the 3 funnel pack on the table and put the largest on top over the smallest’s spout. It was pretty stable and didn’t fall apart at the party. It almost looked kind of like a piston cup to me also. 

This was simple, I made triangles and then ran a piece of the duct tape across the top. I made blue circles to fit in the triangle and then cut out white letters. You could use chipboard or sticker letters to if you don’t have a Cricut or other machine.

Table Set Up

It all started with dollar store black table cloths. Woohoo!! Then I took white duct tape and made tick marks down the table. I needed to tape the banner to the table somehow so I ended up adding two long stripes, one to each long side of the table, more for function. But I did it to both sides for continuity.

I always start by placing the trays first and then add the food last minute, especially at an outdoor party. 


Grape kabobs and veggie straws (no fun names but yummy anyways)
 Dipsticks (veggies and ranch)
Speed bumps (pretzel rods)
Manhole covers (chocolate sandwich cookies)
Airbags (marshmallow pops)
Black Walled Tires (chocolate donuts)
White Walled Tires (powdered donuts)
Filling Station (drinks and coffee)
Stoplight Tubes (jello)

 There you go!!! 8 tutorials and a menu for an awesome Cars party!!!


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  1. Unknown February 21, 2013 at 1:34 am #

    Awesome my friend! =) You rocked the party and my little Lightening McQueen fan loved it. Thanks for everything!