candyland themed centerpieces

Candyland Themed Centerpieces

About a week ago was the big fundraiser at the preschool and this year it was a Candyland theme! The kids and their parents had a blast and it was a huge success for the preschool but I was just thrilled with the way my centerpieces came out! I am sharing them all here because I felt that it was quite the ordeal to find a bunch of ideas and bring them all together. I also have some collage tutorials to help break down how they were put together! Let’s get started!

Let’s start with the hard candies, these were left over paper lantern’s from Avery’s slumber party that I wrapped in cellophane, tied the ends and then put on a PVC pipe structure. I cut a small hole in the cellophane and then the lantern, pushed it through and did the same thing on the other side. On the top one, I didn’t cut a hole in the top, I just let it rest on the top for a clean finish.

Many of my centerpieces will reference a PVC pipe structure, here is what that was, I used 1/2 inch pipe and put the main support pole in a “T” connector and then put two smaller pieces in the bottom and used elbows going in opposite directions with additional small pieces to keep everything stable. It was easy and super affordable.

Next were the lollipops, these were a big favorite and super easy to put together!

I had foam discs (I love the Make It Fun! brand of Foam) that I painted and let dry. Then I cut spirals on my Cricut and glued them on both sides, inserted and glued dowels into one side and wrapped them with cellophane. These were stuck in a couple of foam discs at the bottom but could also be put into a vase or other support.

The half circle fruit pieces were made in much the same way, I just added a white line on them after their first base coat but they were put on sticks and wrapped in much the same way as the lollipops above.

Another easy centerpiece were the peppermint sticks for the peppermint forest. I used 2 inch PVC pipe for these and cut them into various lengths then wrapped them with 2 different widths of red tape. Clustered on the table they gave a fun forest style look!

In addition to the peppermint forest you have to have all the fun gumdrops, right?! These were adorable and super affordable to put together! I started with little flower pots from the dollar store that were the right shape and I spray painted those in a variety of colors. Once they were dry I covered them in Mod Podge and glitter (I would have used salt if I didn’t have the Make It Fun Diamond Dust on hand but I do LOVE the ending sparkle) and they got stacked on tables to be the gumdrop mountains.

One of my favorites was the chocolate fountains for the chocolate swamp, I love how they came out and they just took minutes to put together!

I took a piece of PVC pipe and stuck it into foam because at this point I hadn’t yet discovered my nifty base that I shared above, but both would work. Then at the top add an angled connector and another piece of pip that is about a foot long. I stuck this into foam that was a the bottom of a coffee can and wrapped a brown curtain (or piece of fabric) around the whole thing. I tied it around the pipe on the inside and draped it around. The coffee can was covered with brown paper and I cut the word “chocolate” out of cardstock on my Cricut.

Every game of Candyland has to have playing pieces so they were the inspiration for this centerpiece with little gingerbread shapes in the 4 main player colors. They were easily just cut and glued on a taller version of the standard pipe base that you are seeing and will be seeing a lot in this post.

Another favorite was the cotton candy, this one was just spray painted pillow fluff wrapped and glued around a piece of PVC pipe. I had created a cone out of cardstock and cut the end off so I could slip it over the pipe and then added the painted pillow fluff on top. This was also on the same based I shared above.

There were 24 tables at this party so while I really tried to stay with just table themes that were on the game, I had to add some other sweet elements and I still think it all worked out in the end. One of those was this ice cream cone that was made from a plastic play ball spray painted pink with glitter and a cherry on top. It is sitting on a paper cone that is over the PVC pipe base with some pink ruffled fabric glued around the top.

Last but not least was the biggest hit of the night- everyone loved the cupcakes!

I don’t blame them, they were pretty fun to make and it all started with expanding insulation foam! This stuff is called Great Stuff and it is very appropriately titled! I traced the opening of the basket that I picked up at the dollar store on some wax paper. Then I created a frosting like dome with the Great Stuff on the wax paper staying in the lines and going up as tall as I could get it, one can will make one cupcake with about an 18 inch base. Let that dry overnight, the inside may still be wet in the morning. Then I wrapped and hot glued accordian folded wrapping paper around the basket and glued the ‘frosting’ on top. All that was left to do after that was add cut pieces of colored paper as sprinkles and a small foam ball painted red with a toothpick as the cherry on top!

I think that about wraps it up, I hope you found this post helpful and if so let me know in the comments below!

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