candy melt covered frozen banana pops

Candy Melt Covered Frozen Banana Pops

Two things before we start….

First, I had called these chocolate covered frozen banana pops and since it is white chocolate and not milk chocolate, my husband lectured me (in the jackass way, not the serious way) about false advertising. I can’t even count how many times he corrected me “it’s not chocolate”, it was like I mixed up their, there and they’re or something.

Second, by a show of hands,  how many of you sing the song when you spell “bananas” like I do..?

Ok, now that those are taken care of, here is what I made for dessert with just what I had on hand.

I am not going to sit here and think I just created sliced bread but anytime I can come up with something from what we have that isn’t the most awful thing health wise, I am pretty much a local hero. Local as in, around my house. I will take it.

Here is what I did, first I cut my bananas in half and inserted lollipop sticks. Then I stuck them in the freezer.

Next I got out some random fancy dish that would make my pictures a little more interesting and added some almonds, sunflower seeds and sprinkles. Yes you could do more exciting things than sunflower seeds and almonds, like chocolate chips or cookie crumbs or marshmallows…. but I can’t eat that yummy delicious stuff, the sprinkles weren’t even for me, I had an almond one.

They were still fantastic… back to the tutorial.

Melt your candy melts {don’t forget, not chocolate} in a double boiler. Of course they are yellow, the only color that exists for my child.

Once the chocolate is melted, cover the bananas and then roll it in all the goodness and pop them back in the freezer.

Pull them out and enjoy!

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  1. Lindsay July 26, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    Amazing! My kids would love these! What a fun idea!