candy bar set up tips

Candy Bar Set Up Tips

I love setting up parties, especially big ones. It is like the marriage between my creativity and catering experience. Recently I got to set up a candy bar at a Bar Mitzvah at a gorgeous venue- like amazingly gorgeous! It reminds me of what a restaurant would look like if Chip and Joanna Gaines came out to California and put something together. I will have to share some extra photos just of the venue at the end of this post! But back to the candy bar, I thought I would use this post to share my process and tips on how I like to put candy bars together for large crowds of 100 or more.

When I first start, I am sure that it looks like I don’t know what I am doing, but I most certainly do! You want to find boxes to use as risers to create different heights on the table. You can do this in a few ways but I follow a couple of rules, they either need to be symmetrical (like this one for my 2 sided bar) with the tallest in the middle and getting shorter as you go on both sides, make a pattern of taller and shorter, or you can do the tallest on one side and get shorter as you go down the table. Really it depends on the boxes you find (I don’t generally have a plan, I just see what I can find and make do with what I have) because all of them look great in the end.

After the boxes are positioned, I drape them with a table cloth. In this case, the table was gorgeous on it’s own so I didn’t cover the table with a table cloth but in most cases I cover the table, then add the risers and then drape over the boxes with another table cloth. After that I started adding the clear glass vases following whatever rule I used for the risers; symmetry, pattern or largest to smallest (generally, it would go the opposite in this case, the smallest vases would go on the tallest risers and so on). Then I started filling in with the candy! This was a 2 sided candy bar which I think is great for  large parties so you don’t have as much congestion.

When it comes to plating additional desserts, I used the plates the restaurant had available, made it symmetrical and put them all on an angle because angles always add interest!

You can see the whole table is following the symmetry rule which I feel like is rather pleasing to the eyes.

I also put together a video for my YouTube channel showing how I put it together from start to finish! Check it out!

It was such a fun event and I love the way everything came out! I hope you found some helpful tips in this post and check out some additional pictures of the venue, Farmer and the Seahorse, below!


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