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Modern Hannukkah Menorah

I am always looking for new ways to represent the Hannukkah menorah on my mantle. I have a regular menorah, but I like to think of something new each year to make a statement on the mantle. This year I had a lot of fun and did the whole thing for 10 dollars! My secret? […]

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Crayon Candle {Without Ruining the Crayons!}

I am still working on my back to school mantle, it is still missing something though… I love a challenge! But I did finish decorating my candles with crayons, but in a way that I could still re-use the crayons post mantle. I mean everything for a craft but I don’t want to waste them […]

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Kid’s Art Candle {Pinspired}

I know I have featured this awesome project from Come Together Kids on my blog but I came across it on Pinterest and couldn’t let any more time pas before I made it! The are so cute and would make great gifts for parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, whatever, they are just adorable! See: They […]

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Sugar Tree

Doesn’t it just sound good?  What else could you call a tree made out of Peanut Butter Bells and Marshmallows?  I suppose you could just coat a cone in sugar…. if you didn’t have kids,  or pets, or ants.  But anways back to the topic- now that we have decided it soooouuunds good, how does […]

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L’Shana Tova

It’s Rosh Hashana! Well technically it started last night but tonight was the dinner for my hubby’s side of the family and I thought I would share the pictures! I totally broke out a mirror for the centerpiece… the full length mirror from our bedroom that is, because I roll like that. It was another […]

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Fourth of July Ribbion Crafts

Over the weekend I finally grabbed some time to work on a few 4th of July crafts, and while it is pushing it pretty close, it is still June so I think I am doing pretty good! I made a banner and embellished a few candles…. what do you think?   There is still more […]

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St. Patty’s Day Decor- Rainbow Tea Light Holders

I was dying rice for my apothecary jars when I thought this could be cute if I did all of the colors and made a rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day!  So that is what I did, I didn’t have 6 vases (from the dollar tree), only 3 so I put two colors in each one.  […]

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I finally hopped on the bandwagon!!

Ok, we have all seen these around blogland, so that mixed with the fact that they are really one of the easiest crafts ever, explains the lack of tutorial for… My very own dollar store apothecary jars!!!!!!!!!! I am a dork because I hadn’t made these before due to the fact that I didn’t think […]

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Halloween Candlesticks

Today was ridiculous so I didn’t get in any good crafting time but I was able to do this project that I had been thinking about for a while and it took literally 5 minutes or maybe less. I saw these types of candles while walking through Big Lots and they were the electric ones […]

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