camping themed tablescape

Camping Themed Tablescape

When it comes to tablescapes, I generally have some specific requirements. Very rarely do I EVER do disposable plates, it just isn’t my jam. Not only do I love the look of real plates, but I love that I don’t have to buy plates for each party. The same usually goes for glasses, I have a full set of standard and wine glasses so there is generally not a reason to buy disposable. This tablescape breaks all of my rules, but for good reason! Even my husband looked confused when he pulled out red cups and paper plates from my shopping bags, I think it turned out well though, how about you?

There it is, the perfect theme to break my rules regarding disposable items, camping! I had fun with this and believe it or not, the inspiration did not come from my brother in law loving camping (this table was for his birthday dinner), it actually came from the wrapping paper down the middle of the table. Yup, you read that right, wrapping paper. I picked up this black plaid wrapping paper from one of those quick buy dollar bins at Michaels and loved it, but it has just been sitting on the shelf. So when it came time to decorate for his birthday dinner, I had to use it! I had originally started with a rustic idea and then the idea for camping hit me! It was perfect wood accents and touches of red and the best part? Not having to do dishes and not compromising my over the top design style.

After putting out a white table cloth, I added the wrapping paper down the middle. On top of that I placed a wood slice at each place setting, I love these things and you will see them a lot I imagine. Simple white napkins and red plastic utensils go on either side with a fun little basket on top. I love these and was glad I could add them, I had them on hand, I just had to dig them out of the back of the pantry. The red plastic cups and paper straws finished it all off!

For the centerpiece I also used the wood slices and added lanterns from Ikea and large jugs of sunflowers. In between each of those were these fun printables I found from I Should Be Mopping The Floor that I simply printed and added to some metal easels. They were quite the hit!

camping themed tablescape 5

All in all, I loved how it came out and it was a nice way to finish off a morning full of work. Decorating parties puts me completely in the “zone” and I can’t get enough! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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