burlap tree skirt alternative

Burlap Tree Skirt Alternative

Yesterday I shared my fun and affordable Christmas tree. I am so enjoying it, but the most at night when all the lights and sparkle are on. This girl loves a little sparkle!

I wanted to share my alternative tree skirt with you because, since I was trying to keep this affordable, I didn’t really have the space in the budget to buy a tree skirt. Also, the amount of burlap I had wasn’t really enough to make any of those adorable tree skirts I have seen all over pinterest. That is when I got an idea to switch it up a bit!

burlap tree skirt

This little alternative didn’t cost me any money because I used a piece of burlap and some burlap ribbon I had on hand- love when that happens!!

Plus it only took about 5-10 minutes to put it together, and that is including my unsuccessful attempts to keep dogs out of my pictures. I started with my piece of burlap and folded the short side up to the long side so I could make a perfect (ish) square. Then I cut the excess off.

burlap tree skirt 2Then all I did was put it under the tree base, this worked great since my tree is fake so my small amount of burlap was fine. if you have a real tree, you could either just pull the sides up and tuck them in your tree holder, or add another piece of burlap overlapped underneath and gather it together in the same way. I pulled all the sides together and tied it off with my burlap ribbon and that is it!! Can you believe it?! Super simple!!

tree skirt 3I love that it adds to the rustic-ness of the tree and kind of helps it look a bit more real. A bit. But I am still a believer because I haven’t had to clean up any pine needles this year!

tree skirt 4

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