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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It is here!!It is almost like Thanksgiving was sneaky this year and just appeared, I don’t know if it is because it is so early or what but it is here!At the last minute, we switched the venue for dinner to our house, I was still only responsible for the table and a couple sides […]

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Slinky Pumpkin Tutorial

Here is another crazy pumpkin tutorial, when I tell you I was just walking around the house finding stuff to spray paint orange, I wasn’t kidding, and Avery’s toys were not off limits!!I found her slinky and made it into this little cutie: I love it, this thing is adorable! And to think that it […]

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Keeping It Simple

$10 Entry Way Revamp

My entry way has almost been one of the last things I have been worried about when it comes to my house because it is so small. But then I was thinking about it, and small or not it is still one of the first things people see when they walk into my house. So […]

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The Easel Tutorial

I know it was forever ago when I did the 10 New Uses Tuesday on Chopsticks where I shared the idea for the chopstick easel and said I would get you a tutorial.  Truth is, when the easel isn’t holding anything, it is kinda a hot mess because I just used wire. It is very […]

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