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DIY Bow Holder

This is a sponsored post but all opinions and ideas are my own. I have learned something about being the mom of a girl, you can never have too many bows. Because that is true, you also can never have too many bow holders! Check out this fun take on the traditional bow holder! If […]

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Keeping It Simple

$6 Framed Bow Holder

I have been almost addicted to Goodwill lately and their old detailed frames. I think I have bought quite a few and I am not sick of them yet!! Here is what the latest old mirror turned into: A bow holder for Avery!! She had one already that I made out of a wooden “A” […]

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Butterfly Bow Holder

I have been really making an effort this  year to make all the birthday gifts for the forty eleven birthday parties that we have been attending. I feel like it is a win/win/win: I get to make something, my friends get something thoughtful and homemade and usually it is more affordable than a store bought […]

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Bow Bouquet

One of my friends asked me to make her some bows for a friends baby and of course I was glad to help! I didn’t want to give them to her in a bag however, and that is when I remembered a cute little bouquet that someone made for my works silent auction one year. […]

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Another Bow Holder!

When your daughter has as many bows as mine does ( I can’t help myself lol) it is not surprising that more than one bow holder would be necessary, so here is another style using a multi-photo frame I had on hand. Cute right?! I grabbed all the bows and flowers I made for my […]

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