blush wine tablescape

Blush & Wine Tablescape

I am here to share my second tablescape of October and this was actually my table for Yom Kippur. It is up  there with one of my favorites right next to my Rosh Hashanah table that was done 10 days before. I really wanted to impress with these two designs this year and at the very least, I was thrilled, and most of the time I am the worst critic. This blush and wine color with white and copper accents was a beautiful take on the traditional fall feel. There were even a couple of slate blue pumpkins added in that surely didn’t disappoint. This design was different from the centerpieces of the Rosh Hashana table in that this time I went with faux flowers, though it still shared the rectangular profile that works well with banquet seating.

I started with wine linen and I originally did not plan on using the chargers, but I felt like the table was missing something so at the last minute, I added them in. I did switch the napkin a bit by placing it between the charger and the plate, rather than under the charger, so the color had more of a presence.

The faux flowers that I used for the centerpieces were also placed on the plates, quite honestly, because I felt like the plates were too empty. I had an idea for copper place cards, but I did not have the time to execute it properly. While I am used to working under pressure, it was Yom Kippur so I was fasting and getting frustrated when it wasn’t working so I decided people could sit where they wanted… this one time. Apparently my crafty problem solving works better when I am not hangry.

In the end, I love the rustic and shabby chic feel of the table and the boxes for the centerpieces were actually something that I grabbed from the synagogue. A couple of years ago I made this with the students and they helped paint, sand and wax the boxes to give this distressed look that worked well with the color scheme I was using for this table. I was glad I remember them instead of trying to make them from scratch last minute.

What is your favorite part of this table? Let me know in the comments below!


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