black white pumpkin mantle

Black & White Pumpkin Mantle

This weird thing has been happening lately, I am kind of stumped when it comes to decorating for fall. What?! I know, normally fall is easy, and exciting, to decorate for but this year I have hit a major crafter’s block and I don’t know why. Maybe it is because I want to create something I haven’t seen and I am just not coming up with anything since fall crafting is so popular. I don’t know, but what I do know is that when I came up with this idea for my mantle, I ran with it! I was just so happy to be making something, even if it wasn’t as original as I was hoping for!


My mantle is now in my craft room, our main living room is right near this room, but the room with the mantle used to only be used for Scott and his tiny TV (he had a bigger one but wanted this itty bitty one). You can check out the whole craft room here, but the point is, the whole fall/Halloween color scheme doesn’t really go with the rest of the room so this black and white set up I think goes quite nicely! Plus, other than the paper stack that I have already used or a few projects and was on sale for &9, I had everything else on hand! Even better! First I grabbed some scrap wood from the garage and cut it down, not measuring, just cutting. I used 2x4s, 2x6s and 4x4s for this project.  I sanded them down and painted the sides and top of each piece (the 4×4’s were painted on the top and then the corners of each side).


Then I chose some papers and just Mod Podged them right on, I didn’t do the backs because they wouldn’t be seen but you could always go back and do them or paint them black. I would probably just paint them and not waste the paper. I also grabbed some random wood cubes and spools and painted those black as well for the stems.


The best part of this process is while working on it getting weird looks from my husband who was like “those are going to be pumpkins?” Yes, I will go with ‘modern’ pumpkins but I like how they are black and white and clustered together on the mantle but still took no time at all to make.


All that was left after everything was dry was to tie some little white ribbons on for leaves and done!


I think this will only stay up until Halloween but that works for me!

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