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10 Best Tech Gifts for Picky Husbands.


It is that time of year!! Now I know you think I am talking about the holidays, I am, but more specifically- gift giving. And not that easy gift giving that you get done really quickly with all the easy people on your list. I am talking hitting that part of your list with all the hard to shop for, particular and picky people who are really hard to shop for, you know you have a few! I am very familiar with this because, well, I am married to just one of those hard-to-shop-for-I-don’t-want-anything type of people. But, I have got you covered!! I am here today helping you bust through that list with 10 best tech gift ideas for the hard to shop for husband, all from your local Best Buy!#OneBuyForAll #shopNow, many of you may have been like me, I have been to Best Buy a million times- we have bought both our laptops and our desktop computer from there. But I am generally the type of shopper that price matches and does research at home, decides Best Buy is the place to go- drives on down, gets what I need and leaves. But I thought I would go to this store, walk around, talk to the amazing staff and see all the amazing things I didn’t know they had- and some I didn’t know that even existed!

Best Buy does all the work for you and they have created a great trending gift guide that you can check out HERE. I wanted to add a bit to that list

Here is my Holiday Gift Guide for Husbands!

1. A new or heavy duty device case: You will notice a theme, my husband likes practical gifts that make something better or easier and these cases are right up his ally. There is a great range to select from but I was super impressed by the LifeProof case that was shown on the box being dunked in water. We have a 3 year old. ‘Nuf said.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 12. iPad, Tablet, eReader, oh my!: How about something fun to go in one of those cases? Best Buy has a huge selection of every touch screen devices outlined in their gift guide and it includes everything you could think of and a staff of people that will help you pick out the perfect one, just for you! That is the benefit of going in store- you are able to talk to someone and ask all the questions you need to so you are sure you are picking the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  #OneBuyForAll #shop 103. Wireless Charging Pad: This one is perfect, maybe more so for us because we have a puppy that has literally eaten through 7+ chargers in our home, but something like is is a great, practical (my keyword) gift that most people don’t already have, but everyone can use.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 24. Headphones & Earbuds: These are a staff pick because there is a range from about $10 all the way up to $400 so you are sure to find something that is perfect for whoever you are shopping for this holiday season. These are great for those who travel, work in an office, go to the gym and any other time you are listening to music or watching movies.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 35. Bluetooth Speakers: This is the one I had never heard of (am I living under a rock? maybe.) and was really excited about because I thought my husband would actually enjoy! The staff member I was talking to pointed these out to me as well, for the same reason she showed me the headphones- because there is a great range in prices that work for every budget. Just this one that is pictured had a version for $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99 with a progressively louder output.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 46. For the Gamer: There were all kinds of special edition controllers in chrome and camo print. There were also tons of unique gadgets and accessories as well as starter kits for interactive play. Everything you could need if you husband is a video game lover.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 57. One word– Ninja: I have heard so many good things about the Ninja and because Best Buy has all the bases covered, you can grab one here AND for cheaper than I have seen it anywhere else!

#OneBuyForAll #shop 68. Fitness Recorders: If your hard to shop for gift recipeent uses any of the fitness aps or has ever enjoyed a pedometer, they would love any of the fitness gadgets that are available at Best Buy that track MUCH more than just how many steps you are taking.

#OneBuyForAll #shop 79. Movie Night Essentials: Of course Best Buy has a great selection of DVD and BlueRay players, but why stop there? You can also pick up fun popcorn makers and a whole DIY soda making kits that would bump up any family movie night from ordinary to awesome!!

#OneBuyForAll #shop 810. Coffee Lover: This gift may be great for both of you- a Keurig. They have the whole kit and accessories at Best Buy and that is one stop shopping!! Who says the gift can only be for your husband?

#OneBuyForAll #shop 9There you go- 10 gift ideas for even the pickiest husband and that is just what I narrowed the list down to! There are tons more wonderful holiday gifts just waiting behind the sliding doors- just go check them out and see!!

Want to know what I picked up for my husband? I went with number 5; the Bluetooth Speakers because it is something that he can use at his office, at events for work and on family outings. I think he is going to love it and I am loving actually being excited to give him his present!!

#OneBuyForAll #shop 11If that wasn’t enough- there are some amazing promotions going on right now to make your holiday shopping just a little bit sweeter!

Give It To Win It!!

Best Buy is rewarding the Gift-Giver, from December 11-24th, every time you purchases a $25 or more Best Buy gift card, in-store or online, you can scan/enter their gift card number to enter for a chance to win one of the daily prizes! Customers can enter via the Best Buy app by scanning their card or by going HERE and entering your card number. There will be 50 winners every day!

  • (1) Grand Prize: $10,000 Best Buy gift card
  • (5) First Prizes: $500 Best Buy gift card
  • (10) Second Prizes: $100 Best Buy gift card
  • (40) Third Prizes: $50 Best Buy gift card

Hangout with Best Buy!

Best Buy will be partnering with Google on 12/17 for Google+ “shoppable hangout” Broadcast hangout. The theme will be last minute shopping, we all know about that, right?!  You can view the hangout on a YouTube page or your Google+ page.

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  1. Alicia December 13, 2013 at 3:50 am #

    Ooo, I have to pick up one of those wireless charging pads. What a great stocking stuffer! #client

  2. Tonia December 17, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    Looks like you found some great items for guys! My husband would love so many things from Best Buy too! #client

    • December 17, 2013 at 8:19 am #

      There were so many options- really a gift for everyone on you list!