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As they say, behind every floating shelf there is one of the best floating shelf brackets. Actually, no one has ever said that before but we will, simply because it’s true. Without a great floating shelf bracket, there is not going to be a floating shelf, it will be a sad, grounded shelf that never learned to fly. 

As you are here looking for the best floating shelf brackets, let’s get down straight to business with the list. Hang around after the list if you’d like a deep dive into our selection process and how floating shelves work.

Best Floating Shelf Brackets

1. Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket 

If you are in the market for a great floating shelf bracket then the Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket is certainly the best of the best. One of the biggest advantages of the Batoda floating shelf bracket is that it completely hides behind the shelf, giving the illusion of a floating shelf. 

The Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket is designed in such a way that it will completely hide behind most shelves and provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing presentation. While that is certainly one of the biggest advantages of using these brackets, that’s not all that it strives to provide. Overall, the Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket is a sturdy bracket thanks to its solid steel build. The brackets are able to hold 75 pounds when mounted on a brick wall or a stud. In our testing, we found that each bracket is able to hold around 50 pounds, and you get 4 of these bad boys in the package. 

The Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket also comes with everything you’ll need to get the shelf up. Of course, you will still need the shelf itself and a drill to boreholes in the walls, but apart from that everything is included from the get-go. There are 8 screws, 8 wall plugs for brick walls, and 8 wall plugs for the drywalls in the package. We have no trouble getting the Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket up on our office wall, although we did change the initial thinner shelf to something heftier to completely hide the brackets. 

The rod is 6 inches long and half an inch wide. The bracket itself is 1.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Overall, the length combined with the solid steel construction makes the bracket one of the sturdiest floating brackets around. 

The brackets also come with a powder-coated finish layer that further extends the life and durability of the product. The black coating provides resistance from natural elements and rust, so the Batoda 6” Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket can easily be used outside if you want. We also love the 100% money-back guarantee Batoda is giving with their floating shelf bracket, we didn’t test the return process but if a company is giving your money back, there is not a lot to lose. 


  • Can be made completely “invisible”
  • Made out of solid steel 
  • Powder-coated to prevent rusting 
  • Comes with wall plugs and screws 


  • Some thinner shelves cannot hide the brackets 
  • Some people received the product with uneven holes. 

2. Oyydecor 12” Iron Pipe Shelf Brackets 

The Oyydecor Iron Pipe Shelf Brackets are a great way to introduce a farmhouse look to your place. While they are not hidden like the previous entry, they certainly have a character of their own. They are available in either the 8 inch or 12-inch lengths. For this list, we tested out the 12-inch ones. 

The Oyydecor 12 inch iron pipe shelf brackets come in black powder-coated color and are remarkably well made. The iron pipe design of the shelf bracket certainly has a unique look to it. The powdered finish gives the unit extra durability as well as protection from corrosion. As the shelf bracket is going to be completely exposed on the outside, it is important that it withstands external elements and avoid rust. 

The base and the rod are shipped separately, this allows you to screw the base easily without the rod coming between the proceedings. There are 4 industrial style pipe shelf brackets included in the package. There are 4 flanges, 4 pipe connectors, 4 mounting accessories and an instruction manual in the packaging. There are also 18 screws, 18 wall plugs, 4 pipe straps and 8 screws for the pipe straps included. 

The assembly takes very little time and you will have a floating shelf ready to be used in around 15 minutes. There is even an instruction manual to help you with the process. However, if you want to install these on a tile surface, such as in a bathroom or kitchen, you may need some professional help. While you can certainly install them yourself, it is always better to avoid damaging the tiles if you have less experience. The shelf plank does not ship with the brackets but that’s already understandable. The Oyydecor 12 inch iron pipe shelf brackets are made out of cast iron and are quite hefty. We recommend proper mounting before you plop the shelf on them. One of the best things about these 12-inch pipes is that if you have proper tools, you can saw them into the exact length you need. 

You can even mount a single shelf bracket and use it as a towel stand, a clothes hanger or even a hat stand. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed by the quality of the iron pipe shelf bracket and would recommend it to those who are looking for a reliable shelf bracket that has a unique industrial look to it. 


  • Unique industrial design 
  • Extra length is appreciated 
  • Made out of cast iron 
  • The powder coating prevents corrosion 


Are a bit on the heavier side

3. Equason Pipe Shelf Brackets

The Equason Pipe Shelf Brackets, as the name suggests, brings a certain industrial look to your shelves. The sturdy floating shelf brackets are made of malleable iron steel and are capable of holding over 25 KGs of weight just with two of the pipes. 

We get it, the industrial style of the Equason pipe shelf brackets is not for everyone but there is no denying that it provides a certain unique aesthetic to your modern décor. If you are into this design aesthetic, the Equason Pipe Shelf Brackets are made just for you, we really loved them while testing and they went great with the pipe style lamp and a few strategically placed books. The version we got had 6 of the pipe shelf brackets in it along with all the necessary accessories. 

Installing the pipes is easy simply because everything you’ll need is inside the package. There are 18 screws, 18 anchors and 18 short screws so you are set to install the flanges on any wall you want. After the flanges are secured, you can simply screw the long pipe in, fit the elbow pipe and then screw the short pipe in place. Then all you need to do is screw a flange on the other end, and place the shelf on it. We recommend securing the shelf plank by screwing that as well, however, if you are going to use a glass shelf, you can use glue instead. 

Overall, the quality of the Equason Pipe shelf brackets is outstanding. They are made out of premium and sturdy materials and can easily support a lot of weight. With 6 of them included in the package, you will have a lot of options to customize your shelves the way you want. From placing decoration pieces in your lounge to hosting all the football trophies your kid wins in their bedroom, the Equason pipe shelf brackets are great for any job. You can even install three of these pipe style brackets on a single shelf if you want to carry more stuff on it for better security and peace of mind. 


  • Industrial style design 
  • The installation is easy to do yourself 
  • 2 of these can easily support 25 KG of weight
  • 6 brackets are included 


  • The style may not be for everyone 

4. Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets

If you are in the market for some clean and straight to the business floating shelf brackets, then the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets might just be for you. The “L” shaped floating shelf brackets are not only clean looking but also easy on the eyes. The best thing about the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets is how easily they can blend into any type of décor you have going on. 

We really love how easily the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets can feel in place at any place. You can use them in the kitchen and they won’t stand out much, they can be used in the bathroom to hold towels and even in a professional office they won’t stick out at all. The shape is straight to the business and downright minimalistic in design and that’s why the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets is on our best floating shelf brackets list. 

The Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets are made out of steel and are superb in quality. The floating shelf bracket is .20 inches in thickness and can easily support boards from 10 to 12 inches plus. The length of the floating bracket is 10 inches while it protrudes out 6 inches. The Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets is black in color and can easily support 20 plus KG of weight. We tested the weight limit ourselves as it is not mentioned anywhere and we recommend not exceeding 20 KGs including the weight of the plank you use. 

As for installation, it couldn’t get any easier. The design of the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets allows you to freely work with the wall. The package also includes all the screws and anchors you will need to mount the floating shelf brackets. There are heavy-duty drywall anchors that provide superior support, 2-inch long wall screws are also there for better stability and deeper anchoring. The shelf securing screws are a bit shorter but that is to be expected, you don’t want long nails to poke through the shelf itself. Long story short, the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets is an excellent choice for those who aim to have a minimalistic look and still require quality and stability from their floating shelves. 


  • Simple and minimalistic design 
  • Made out of good quality steel 
  • Installation is a breeze thanks to easy access
  • Comes with 4 brackets and all accessories 


  • Can’t hold super heavy shelves without flexing 

5. Bravo Floating Shelf Brackets

What if you want the same minimalistic design of the Claimed Corner Shelf Brackets but want the shelf cradled in the warm hand of steel? Then you get the Bravo Floating Shelf Brackets. They have the same stylishly simple design but hold the shelf inside their grips. 

The immediate downside we are sure you must have figured out by now is that you need to have a specific cut shelf. Sure you can use a smaller, less wide plank but that is going to ruin the whole look. Thankfully the Bravo Floating Shelf Brackets can fit a normal 12’’ lumber you can usually find online or from any local hardware store. But, the fixed-size while adding stability and support also narrows down the number of options that are available. 

The Bravo Floating Shelf Brackets are made out of high-quality iron and come with a frosted black coating. We really love how carefully the brackets were packed, there were absolutely no scratches on the brackets and that is what we all want, spotless products delivered safely. 

The size of the bracket is 11.25 inches so any 12-inch board can be fitted in it without any problems. The iron made floating shelf bracket is also 6 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. It is also shipped with everything you’ll need for installation as well, from 1.75-inch wall anchors to 1.56-inch screws, everything is included in the package. There are also 8 short screws so you can further secure the shelf to the floating shelf brackets. The heavy-duty brackets are advertised to support 110 pounds per pair and you get 4 of the brackets in one package. Overall, the simple design makes the Bravo Floating Shelf Brackets instantly desirable for those who are looking for something new. 


  • Cradle styled minimalistic flat design 
  • Anchors and screws are included in the package 
  • Made out of sturdy iron 
  • The black frosted coating looks great 


  • Cannot fit shelves that are more than 12 inches in depth

6. Batoda Thin Floating Shelf Brackets 

What if you need something a bit thinner and low key? The Batoda Thin floating shelf brackets are the answer for sure. A major point before we go ahead though, they are not made to hold huge shelves, they are made for thinner and lighter shelves. Don’t worry though, these brackets can still support 20 pounds when you mount them on a brick wall or a stud.

One of the best things about both Batoda floating shelf brackets is that they hide completely behind the shelf and give a true illusion of a floating shelf. We really love how easy it is to hide these ones though, they are thinner than most floating shelf brackets and can be completely hidden inside the shelf itself. If you are in the market for a shelf bracket that is completely invisible, even when used with thing shelves, the Batoda Thin Floating Shelf Bracket is made for you. 

The Batoda thin floating shelf brackets are the only ones that are not black in color on the list, not that it matters much, they are going to be invisible anyways. The full installation kit is included with the packaging, this means all you need is a drill basically to get the job done. You will also need a measuring tape to make the holes accurate in the shelf itself as well, so make sure you take your time doing that. 

There are 8 wall plugs, 8 flat washers and 8 brackets included in the package. We also love how Batoda is giving a 100% money-back guarantee, this means they are confident in their craftsmanship and product quality. The Batoda thin floating shelf brackets are great if you want to have a unique looking shelf, especially if you are interested in the hexagonal shaped shelves. The possibilities are endless with these great floating shelf brackets. 


  • Thin but sturdy 
  • Completely hides behind shelves
  • Installation is somewhat easy 
  • Comes with all the plugs and washers you’ll need


  • Cannot support thicker or heavier shelves

How to Select the Best Floating Shelf Bracket 

The very first step in selecting the best floating shelf bracket is to determine what kind of shelf you want. If you want to go with a wooden shelf, how big it needs to be. It will also help if you know what kind of stuff you want to place on the shelf itself once it’s assembled and mounted. Here are a few points you need to consider when purchasing the best floating shelf bracket:

  • How big is the shelf itself?
  • What kind of material is it made out of?
  • How much weight will be put on the shelf itself? 
  • What kind of walls do you have?
  • Do you want the brackets to be completely hidden or not?

All of these factors play into what kind of floating shelf bracket will be best for your own personal usage. We’ve included various floating shelf brackets that cover a wide variety of applications. Want a sturdy bracket that people cannot see? Get the first one. Want something that can bear more load? There are several others you can choose from. It really depends on your personal taste at the end of the day. 

How Did We Test the Floating Shelf Brackets? 

The short answer: By drilling holes in a wall.
The long answer: By drilling holes in a wall, mounting the brackets securely, installing wooden shelves and placing 10 books on them. 

While the method might be very scientific, it did help us experience the shelves first hand and see how easy these are to work with. We tested around 12 different floating shelf brackets that were shortlisted and ordered from a pool of 23. To be fair, most of the brackets we found provided almost the same functionality and design so we may have skipped over one or two same ones in favor of something that provides uniqueness. That’s all there was to it, the whole process took a whole day and now we have holes in a wall that we’ll need to plaster. 

We recommend taking proper measurements, involving a bubble level or a spirit level to make the shelves completely horizontal and using good quality drill bits if you are working on a brick wall.

Concluding Thoughts:

So by now, we are sure you must have found a good floating shelf bracket that you’ll be ordering soon. We’d like to emphasis the importance of taking measurements and double-checking them, before drilling any holes in your walls. If you can check the evenness of the shelf before installation, it will also help you avoid wonky or uneven shelves. Secondly, make sure you use proper screws that are designed for the shelves. Try not to use your own screws, or at least make sure they will properly fit the sockets. 

We tried covering a wide variety on the best floating shelf brackets list, of course with thousands of products available, we might’ve missed on a couple you find amazing. So please help out other readers and us by giving suggestions in the comments, we would love to see what you guys recommend. And who knows, we might order a product you recommend, try it out and make it a part of the next update we do to the list. 

Until next time, keep your shelves floating and the brackets secure!