beachy summer photo jar

Beachy Summer Photo Jar

This last year I worked with  one of the coolest ladies ever and she was always working on a great idea!

These jars she made with the kids last week were just too cute so I had to share them with you!


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Aren’t they sweet?  All you need to round up is a baby food jar, some sand (not much at all if you are just making one), small shells, a photo, some twine and paper if you would like a card, and some paint/paper to cover the lid. That’s it!

Here is the step by step of how she did it!


beachy summer photo jar


1/2. First she put a bit of sand in the bottom with the little shells, the sand she used had some glitter in it which only made it better.

3. Then she played with size with a piece of paper and trimmed it until it fit in the jar perfectly, then she used this as a template for the photos.

4. Stand the picture up in the jar.

5. Paint the sides of the lid and add some paper on top (aren’t the little sand dollars she made cute?!).

6. Put a piece of twine with a little label on it around the neck of the baby food jar.

7. Put the lid on, and done!

So easy and the parents loved them!!

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