beach wreath

Beach Wreath

It is summer so it is time for some more fun themed wreaths! Last year I made a wreath for each theme of our summer camp and I thought I would carry on the tradition again this year! First up? Beach wreath for beach week!beach wreath

I am going to be honest here, I pulled this one together in about a half an hour in the morning daycare. I had the two kids there helping me pick out sea shells and telling me where to put them, it was a group effort. But it goes to show you how quick and easy this one came together! I started with a foam wreath form because I had forgotten everything else at home and this is what I found when I was at Walmart bright and early.

beach wreath 2

Then I went over to the remnant fabric section and picked up some beachy shades and some sea shells.

beach wreath 3

I cut the brown fabric in strips and started folding it around the form. Hot glue melts foam so I glued the fabric to itself and it held securely.

beach wreath 4

The remnant was the perfect size and just fit the wreath! It was probably about a quarter of a yard

beach wreath 5

For the rosettes I started with 1.5 inch strips of fabric, tied a knot at one end and the glued that not to a separate square of fabric.

beach wreath 6

I twirled the fabric while wrapping it around in a spiral and gluing it down until I got to the end. Then all I had to do was trim off the excess.

beach wreath 7

I arranged four of each shade on the bottom right hand side of the wreath and was ready for shells! These just went on randomly and I added them until I felt like it looked ‘done’.

beach wreath 8


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