beach theme preschool activities

Beach Theme Preschool Activities

The first week of summer is over and the theme was At the Beach and I wanted to share with everyone what we did in the classroom! Check out all the fun!


First, I will start with the centers, the things that were out and set up for the whole week or most of the week. I put science center together with ocean animals and books about them- surprisingly it wasn’t easy to find these and since we ended up going to the aquarium for father’s day, I ended up picking them up there. Luckily they weren’t horribly priced!

beach 5

I also put fine sand and sea shells in my sensory tub. The kids loved this!

beach 6

One of my favorite finds was from Teachers Pay Teachers and it was a set of ocean animal shapes to be filled in with pattern blocks, there were even 4 levels of difficulty for each of the 10 animals, I chose the easiest for my 3 and 4 year olds. You can check that out HERE.

beach 3

Another thing that was out most of the week was the blue glitter flubber with sea shells.

beach week 2

In addition to all the centers, we did under water paintings where the children drew pictures in crayon and painted over them in water color.

beach week 4

They made beach I Spy jars with beach sand and treasures.

beach 9

This was big in my class because treasures are a huge deal to the kids.

beach 11

For cooking with my stay and play kids we made edible beaches. I coloring yogurt blue and they put crushed graham cracker on the bottom and I gave them a few jelly beans to be fish.

beach 7

For science we did the Ivory soap experiment because I thought when the soap exploded it looked kind of like waves crashing if that makes sense. All you do is put the soap on a plate in the microwave for a minute, take the excess off to cool and put it back in for 30 seconds and you repeat until the whole bar is exploded.

beach 8

Lastly, the children enjoyed painting some baking soda dough sea stars- the trick is to give them the tiniest paint brushes you can find so that they give them as much detail as possible.

beach 10

There you go! I hope you found some fun ideas!




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