balloon wreath

Balloon Wreath

Another week, another theme, another wreath! I have to admit, I may be making these wreaths for a selfish reason, I just like making wreaths, but at least the kids can get a kick out of it too! To catch up with the ones that I have made to match previous camp themes check out the patriotic napkin wreath, the coffee filter Frozen wreath, and the bug wreath. But now we are on to “spring into color’ and I knew I wanted to make something fun and full of color. I have also always wanted to make a balloon wreath so I thought, why not?!

balloon wreath

Most tutorials called for 2 (72 count) bags of balloons and some floral pins. I would suggest having three bags and definitely the floral pins. That being said, I had two bags and sewing pins- not so easy but I was determined to make it work! I also was only able to find a multicolor bag and a red/white/blue bag so I mixed it together and made that work as well. Just keeping it real!

balloon wreath 2

Here is how it all happened. First, of course, I started with my favorite, the pool noodle. If I am making a wreath every week, the form needs to be affordable, and these I can grab at the dollar store. I just cut it down if needed and connect the ends with duct tape. Super easy.

balloon wreath 3

When it comes to putting it together, I slightly blew it up, as in, just put the littlest bit of air to make it a little fuller, then I folded the balloon in half and pinned it on. It comes together really quick! Still, it would be a lot easier with the floral pins but this worked great.

balloon wreath 5

Then all I had to do was hot glue some ribbon to the back to hang it up and it was done!

balloon wreath 6


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