back sharing basket

Back Up Sharing Basket

Alright y’all, we are hitting the big time this year. Well, the big time as it relates to preschool anyways. This year Avery is going downstairs to the big Pre-K class and it is quite the step up (or step down since it is down stairs, I don’t know, moving on) and there is a lot more to remember. There are special presentation days, snack days and of course, there is sharing. In the four year old class, they have to bring in something that corresponds to each letter of the week for sharing. With me teaching as well this year and blogging and teaching Kindergarten Torah School I just will be swamped, so I want to solve a problem before it happens.


That’s right, I worked with Avery to create a back up sharing basket that has a baggie for each letter of the alphabet (so proud of her writing skills!) and a little something in there so that if we forget sharing or are running late or some other list of possibilities. She is covered. She helped with a few but then did the rest and picked things that I thought she would like and be excited to share but not her favorite toys that she would miss if they sat in a basket for the school year. Some bags had pictures like for the letter M.


Some had exactly what you would expect for that letter like buttons for letter B and a zipper for letter Z.


Some had some fun craft room stuff that she always tries to take from me like washi tape for letter W.


And some had some random things like this flower that I have moved around a thousand times and was happy to find a home for in the little baggie for letter F.


Now, I am still going to look for letter of the week sharing with her each week but this is just a way to cover or bums in case life happens. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep it in the car or the bottom of her cubbie (they have quite large cubbies this year), what do you think??


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