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The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift {Diaper Genie & Personalized Onesies!}

I feel like it is baby season, there are so many pregnant mommies at the preschool and there have been maybe six babies born in the last few months! It is all very exciting and I love putting together fun baby shower or baby welcoming presents for the mommies and at this point, I have […]

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Easy Kid’s Leggings

I had a lot of fun with lace this weekend and I of course had to make something for Avery!! I had seen some of those adorable lace leggins for girls and I thought this would be the perfect chance for try it out! Many of the tutorials I saw utilized existing leggins as a […]

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Happy 4th of July!!!

We had such a great 4th of July!!!The hematologist called us personally yesterday to let us know that Avery has kicked started making her own red blood cells!!! YAY!! I mean there was a lot more that went into that explanation but that is the cliff’s notes version of the test results. That is a […]

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Denim Ribbon Skirt Tutorial

I am not a the most skilled with a sewing machine. But that doesn’t stop me from trying! I have been wanting to work on some summer clothes for Avery and this upcycle idea came to me about 2 seconds before I started making it. I had a pair of jeans that I really wasn’t […]

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The Skirt Continued!

I wrote about this skirt that Avery is where earlier this week in THIS post but I hadn’t made the shirt to go with it at that point. I was so excited the skirt came out so cute that I took a bunch of pictures, and then I figured I could use the extra fabric […]

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Baby Dress to Skirt Refashion

I am always looking for ways to stretch the time Avery is able to wear her clothes, and with a baby that is tall and skinny that is a challenge at times. She is constantly growing out of the length of things before she ever gets the chance to fill them out width-wise. Esepcially dresses! […]

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