art show projects

Art Show Projects

The art show was this past weekend and I am SO happy with the way the projects I did with the children turned out!! 
I wasn’t able to stay for the whole thing but I did go and help set up and got pictures of them….
Let me take you on a tour!!
First is the four year old lattice weaving project- a huge lattice and pieces of tulle, ribbon and crepe paper.
The three year olds worked on a paper towel roll wall sculpture where they glued the pieces of paper towel roll together and painted them. 
Trust me- you really want to click “Read More” and check out the rest of the projects!!

This is another four year old project that we did earlier in the year; mixed media branches where I brought out a bunch of materials and paint and let the children create to their hearts content  on a base of branches and this is what they came up with:
This project was a collaboration between my baby class children and the 18 month old class, it was a laminating collage mobile. I brought out laminating pouches, tissue paper and glitter and the children collaged in the pouch and then I laminated them. Next I cut them in circles, hole punched them and hung them from a stick as a large mobile- I think it looks so great!!
This is the two year old project that I shared last week; CD collage cubes.  These got hung on a stick as well and I found this doorway that was to a door to the kitchen that doesn’t really get used and it was perfect!
Lastly, was my baby class table- on the bottom was our walking painting, then on top were pop art paintings (tutorial to come) and also our painted coffee cup flower pots (tutorial with two versions also to come). 
Thanks for checking out all our projects!!!
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One Response to Art Show Projects

  1. Oh my they all are lovely!! The lattice weaving and the TP wall art is my favorite:)