alphabet collage

Alphabet Collage

I am often asked to help my friends with various projects and I really don’t mind because it is often things I have never thought of or projects I really liked but didn’t have a reason to make again. This situation is the second part of that statement. I had made an alphabet collage for my classroom last year and I loved it! I don’t really need multiple alphabets so I haven’t made one since, until I got a request from a friend!

I was more than happy to jump on it! First, we went to the craft store, it was Tuesday so I had my daughter’s friend and her brother with me- yup, I totally took 3 kids under 4 years old to the craft store willingly, and survived. Because I will always be a preschool teacher, I thought “why not work on some letter recognition while we shop?” I wanted to make sure I got a good mix of letters, and in all honesty, laying them out on the floor is the best way to do it! The girls really got a kick out of that!

Once home, I started painting and decorating the letters, to make it easier, I did one thing to the same type of letter, meaning, all of the puffy small ones got spray painted black, all of the scalloped edge ones got painted beige and so on. It creates a continuity of sorts. The part that stumped me was the big letters (vowels) I wanted them to have patterned scrapbook paper on them but I went through a ton of pieces before I found patterns I liked! It wasn’t until I used the sweet paper from the adorable American Crafts kit we got in our Swag Bags at the SoCal Social that it finally all came together!

I love the paper and the colors and they will work great in the classroom I made them for!!

Have you ever had a crafty request?!

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