affordable paper rose centerpiece tutorial

Affordable Paper Rose Centerpiece Tutorial

Hey all!! This is such a busy week but day by day, I am knocking things off my to do list! I have a fundraiser event Thursday and in true me style, I have over committed myself and have quite a few projects to finish by Thursday! Today I am going to share how I made these adorable paper rose centerpieces for the tables and belly bars that will be at the event. Check it out!

paper rose centerpiece tutorial

For the flower itself, I used this video tutorial from Olivia Fox, her flowers had 5 petals, but the flower she used was not in the Cricut subscription for Design Space or Craft Room so I found a different flower which ended up having 6 petals. I think in the end it was fine and it only made the middle step a little more complicated but I figured it out. I am not sharing a tutorial for the flowers because I basically followed hers.

Once you have made your roses then you are ready to put them together and I used floral foam and pretty round vases I found at the dollar store.

For the larger ones I used 6 flowers and placed five around and then left a space for one more on top.

Before putting in the top one, I poured a container of salt over the foam to fill in the rest of the space in the vase and cover up the foam. This was the most affordable thing I could come up with and since this is a fundraiser, that is the name of the game! I grabbed salt from Costco for about $2 for 4 so it was really the most affordable way to fill it all in. I found that the bigger vases take pretty much the whole container of salt for one. For the smaller, I do 3 flowers and 2 containers can do about 3.

Once the salt is in all that is left is putting that last flower in the top and it is done! I love this because I grabbed the paper on sale at the craft store for $2 for 50 sheets of the red (one sheet makes one flower), floral wire is cheap and I cut each piece into 3 so I got 3 times as many for the price. I cut the floral foam down as well so got more for my money there and the vase is from the dollar store. In the end each centerpiece is somewhere around $2 a piece and it sure doesn’t look it!

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