affordable diy throw pillows

Affordable DIY Throw Pillows

I am always looking for affordable ways to add a little flair around my house and I recently rearranged my craft room and felt like it was missing something. I am on a super budget lately and I knew I didn’t and couldn’t do anything that was too pricey so I thought I would check out some remenant fabric and maybe make a few throw pillows for the bench in my craft room. When all was said and done, I made 10 pillows for around $12! That is a pretty good deal if you ask me! Check them out!

It all started with some fun remnant fabric that I found at Joann Fabrics and the great thing about that is they are always 50% off! I like that price!

I just cut them up in squares and rectangles based on the size and shape of the fabric and what made sense. You don’t really have to measure or anything, I just folded the fabric a few times to see what would work. On some of them I had some extra heat transfer vinyl and thought I would cut a couple of words and few arrows for some of them. The white was perfect for both the gray and teal pillows!

It was so simple to just cut it on my Cricut and iron it all on and it added so much in the end!

Then I put them right sides together and sewed about 85% of the fabric all the way around the edge.

I then cut the corners so that they lay nicer when I fold them right side out.

Next, came the second score because it was shortly after Christmas and they had all their snow blanket on clearance. When I saw it at first, I figured it would be like a sheet of batting and I could probably make it work as pillow fluff. Actually, scratch that, it was $1.97 for good sized bags, I would make it work!

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that when I opened it, it pulled apart just like pillow fluff and was just as soft! PERFECT. I wish there was more because I would totally have gon back and bought it all!

It was perfect for stuffing all my pillows and the 3 bags were perfect for my 10 pillows in various sizes!

All that was left at this point was to close up the end and I was done!

To be completely honest, throw pillows don’t last more than a few months in my house because they get played with or dirty or I change them out with the season (and for $12 I can change them out a few times a year!) so I just hot glue the seam closed. Don’t hate me. I promise it isn’t as crazy as it seems even though die hard seamstresses my be cringing. I just don’t have time to hand stitch each one closed and the hot glue works PERFECTLY. Can you even tell?

Thanks so much for reading today! What was your deal of the month? Let me know in the comments below!

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