9 diy home projects delicately constructed features

9 DIY Home Projects {Delicately Constructed Features}

I love going through the links each week because you all have such great things to share! It takes forever to narrow down the list, especially because I am easily sidetracked and end up clicking through to other posts on each blog! I love being inspired by everything you all are working on!

I have NO time with Avery’s birthday coming up, but you know what that means, right?! I have more ideas and projects in mind than EVER!!!

But here are some great DIY Home projects I have recently added to my “to do” list!

Do any of you do that when you have a party coming up? I take it as a dead line to do some home improvements, because I want everything looking perfect!

But there I go getting sidetracked again… {I wasn’t joking about the ADHD in my profile}

{Unifying Pieces with Paint from Revisionary Life}

{Side Table Makeover from Restoration Redoux}

{Dining Room Tour from A Lived in Home}

{Dresser Makeover from 24 Cottonwood Lane}

{Girls Bedroom Tour from Mum Of All Trades}

{Recycled Kitchen Buffet from Growing in Grace}

{Pizza Pan Magnet Boards from Life with Leahy}

{Message Window from Lemon tree Dwelling}

{Easy Personalize Nursery Art from 24 Cottonwood Lane}

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  1. amy mayen February 24, 2013 at 6:20 am #

    Thanks for the. Features. I always miss something, I don’t know how you have time to look at everything!