7 Must See Attractions @ DCA

7 Must See Attractions at Disney’s California Adventure

We are Disney lovin’ people.

I always have been and I have really enjoying transferring all that crazy obsession onto my daughter.

We are fortunate enough this year to have Disney passes, so I am always trying to find an excuse to sneak up there, even if only for a few hours.

Normally, we spend the majority of our time at Disneyland as there is so much to see and relive from our own childhood and share with Avery, but we are growing very fond of California Adventure now as well!!

Everyone knows about all the big must see attractions at California Adventure including Cars Land, Tower or Terror, Soarin’ Over California and more, but there are a lot of fun little things you should squeeze into your day as well and I thought I would share a few of my favorites here today!

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1. Hit up the rides with low wait times: Two of our favorite rides always have low wait times, I am talking less than 10 min but most of the time less than 5. The Little Mermaid ride is a similar set up to Haunted Mansion in that you are on a moving sidewalk and then get into a little shell shaped buggy. The Monsters Inc ride is super fun and mimics the idea of the Winnie the Pooh ride where you are in a little vehicle going through the story of the movie. {I made a scavenger hunt for her for one of the trips and this is a picture of her finding the shell in front of the Little Mermaid Ride- her favorite!}

may 16 2013 006


2. More Smashed Pennies: We bring the Penny Passport with us every time we go and it is a great little task to do while someone is in the bathroom or, if we go with a lot of people, while other people are on rides that Avery can’t go on. Plus it is a great affordable take away gift!

3. Check out a parade: Any Disney parade is amazing, I love them all, but the last time we were there, we were lucky enough to catch the Pixar Play Parade which was so fun because it was all the recent movies my daughter is growing up with now. I am all for the classics, but my daughter is growing up with a whole new crop of movies and California Adventure is a place Avery can enjoy all of those characters.

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4. Check out the Ghiridelli Shop– First things first, you walk in and the give you a free sample- YUM. Worth it right there.  Plus anything you get from there is amazing.

5. Bring a bathing suit: In Bugs Land there are two little splash pad type play areas where the kids can get wet and play in the water. They are great for the summer months- and, since this is Southern California, well into the Fall months as well! I always bring and extra set of clothes, but all the other kids in bathing suits had the right idea!

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6. Go on to the Sourdough Bread Factory: Who doesn’t like bread?! I love tours and seeing how things are made and one that includes yummy bread samples is even better!

7. Catch the Character Pop Up Shows– This is a cool thing that, now that I think about it, you don’t really see at Disney, around the park there are various shows featuring Mickey and Minnie and other amazing characters. Mickey performs on Buena Vista street quite often and has a great about 10 minute show that is amazing to catch when you are walking in. If you go to the right, Minnie does a fun pilot and airport themed show across from Soarin’ Over California, Avery loves it and you can literally be a few feet from Minnie- so much fun!

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What is your must see attraction at Disneyland?


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