50 lunch box ideas

50+ Lunch Box Ideas!

Back to school time is coming next week for us but I know a lot of people have already gone back!

Are you excited?

I have been a preschool teacher for 7 years and a mom for 3, so I have just a bit of experience with the school lunch. I have created a few myself but seen even more and talked to many parents who get stuck with what to send their child in their lunch box.

That is why I gathered a small list of 50+ fun ideas beyond peanut butter and jelly! I hope it helps!!

lunch ideas{Photo from PicMonkey.com}

1. Quesadilla

2. Peanut butter and nutella

3. Jelly and cream cheese

4. Grilled Cheese

5. BLT (on bread or in a wrap)

6. Chicken and avocado (sandwich, wrap or salad)

7. Peanut butter and jelly sushi (roll out a piece of bread, put the peanut butter and jelly on the bread and instead of another piece, just roll it up and cut!)

8. Sushi

9. Pasta and butter (in a thermos if your school doesn’t warm up lunch)

10. Quiche

11. Yogurt parfaits (send the parts and they can construct at lunch)

12. Berries and cream cheese bagel

13. Grilled chicken fingers and dip

14. Homemade pizza lunchable (tutorial HERE)

pizza kit two

15. Hard boiled eggs

16. Bagel sandwich

17. Tuna wrap

18. Oatmeal with fruit (thermos)

19. Peanut butter & banana sandwich

20. Peanut butter & honey

21. Chili (thermos)

22. Mac n’ cheese (thermos)

23. Veggie guacamole dip with veggies and tortilla chips

24. Low fat ranch dip with veggies and whole grain crackers

25. Bean and cheese taquitos

26. Hummus dip with veggies and crackers

august 20 2013 002

27. Yogurt dip with fruit and granola bar

28. Apples and celery with peanut butter and raisin dip

29. Sandwich on a stick (make a sandwich, cut in squares and stack on a popsicle stick)

30. Cheese cubes, meat and tomatoes on a stick

31. Avocado/cucumber sushi rolls

32. Rice with butter (thermos)

33. Tomato salad with feta

34.  Quinoa salad with dried berries and nuts

35. Tuna salad in a bell pepper

36. Homemade pizza

37. Homemade pizza pockets

38. Pita pizza pockets

39. Pasta salad with veggies and dressing

40. Zucchini bread and cream cheese

41. Pizza sandwich (pepperoni, sauce and cheese)

42. Corn dogs

43. Corn dog or cornbread and sausage muffins (make normal cornbread recipe, put in muffin cups, add a piece of hot dog or sausage then more mix and bake)

corn bread sausage

44. Waffle sandwhich

45. Pasta and parmesan

46. Cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwich

47. Any sandwich as a wrap

48. Mini bagel pizzas

49. Burritos

50. Soups in a thermos


What do you pack for lunch??

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