5 ways mom take minute 20

5 Ways for Mom to Take a Minute (or 20)

We have all been there, we need to make dinner or fold the laundry and of course our kids decide that they are bored and that any number of their million (approximately) toys are all of a sudden uninteresting. Pretty inconvenient. Or maybe, just maybe, you are tired and you would love to just sit on the couch for a few minutes- her are 5 ideas that will buy you about 20 minutes to be productive… or allow you to relax, your choice.

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First, a never fail (really all of these are my never fail ideas) is play dough. My favorite recipe is a stove top recipe that I can keep in a food storage bag and always have on hand. I switch things up with the cookie cutters and such and it always buys me at least 20 minutes.

Second, markers and/or coloring books. I, no joke, stock up on markers and coloring books from the dollar store and stash them in my bedroom for just such occasions. Now, here is the key, I don’t have to give Avery both, just one will buy me at least 20 minutes. I give both if I am really desperate.

Third, hear me out on this one, baking soda and vinegar. No, not like letting them create a volcano in your dining room. I am talking a plate of baking soda, a small cup on vinegar and an eye dropper or spoon. Trust me on this one, it is like a volcano deconstructed and the kids love watching the little fizzles happen with each squeeze or pour. Adding food coloring to the vinegar is even more fun especially if you let them have a few colors. It is a favorite in our house for sure.

Fourth, this one you may not have heard of, but liquid floral beads, the kind that you put in vases with fresh flowers, are incredibly entertaining to children. I find them at the dollar store and if they are clear I just color them on my own with food coloring. Avery loves to play with these just with small measuring spoons and even our our light table.

Fifth, now here is the biggie, the one that ALWAYS works, it would work for hours if I let; educational apps on the iPad. Now, I know what you are thinking, it is impossible to find good ones! I thought so to, but then my people Disney came out with the Imagicademy apps for iPad and just the Disney name let’s me know that these are going to be high quality. The fact that it is Mickey let’s me know Avery will love it. Win/Win! We got to try Mickey’s Magical Math World a couple of weeks ago and you can check out more on that in my post HERE but we were somewhat impatiently waiting for Mickey’s Magical Art World to come out and installed it the day it came out!

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She loves it and I love that she can be artistic and creative while using her imagination to come up with new characters, settings, movies or explore Mickey’s Musical Marching Band. It is a new experience every time she tries it so I never have to worry about her getting bored!

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Plus, there is the added bonus of Imagicademy Parents which has great tips and tricks to helping children grow and develop, and get this, with new ideas daily! I love being able to have new ide3as about how to help Avery and having an outlet with other parents to trade ideas and get support. What a great network and community! Click the links below to get the Disney Imagicademy apps for iPad in the Apple App Store!

Disney Imagicademy Parents | Mickey’s Magical Arts World

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