5 patriotic bandana skirt

$5 Patriotic Bandana Skirt

It is no surprise that I enjoy making things frugally and along any up coming holiday, cheap and cheerful are some of my favorite words to describe my projects!!

This one follows that trend with being $5 (even less if you coupon it well at Joanns), perfect for 4th of July and super easy to put together!


bandana skirt


I have made a ton of circle skirts using THIS tutorial from the MADE blog. Great blog. I have also seen bandana skirts.

For a fun spin on this idea, I thought I would grab a red and blue bandana from the craft store and make a layered skirt!

The MADE tutorial comes in handy by giving you a step by step photo tutorial for cutting out the center of your skirt (the formula and everything), basically I folded the bandanas twice and cut the circle from the folded corner. Then I opened them up and put them on top of each other, lining up the holes and then shifting one slightly.


skirt 1


To secure them in place, I stitched around the circle opening. Then I cut the elastic (waist plus one inch) sewed it and pinned it to the top of the skirt. The skirt will be larger than the elastic but that is what you want. Don’t forget to check out that tutorial for more help.  Then I just sewed the elastic on, pulling it as I went so it gathered all the fabric.

skirt 2


After is is sewn in, it is done! Super simple!! I had to put it on Avery immediately, even though she was wiggly and it was night. Doesn’t help produce the best photos, but hey, just keepin’ it real.


skirt 3


I hope you have a great day!!


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