5 minute ruffle necklace

5 Minute Ruffle Necklace

I don’t accessorize nearly as much as I should.

Sometimes, all it takes to dress up a plain sweater or shirt is a fun necklace. I go through accessories like crazy though because I have a daughter who is always stealing, er, borrowing them and, well, not returning them in the best of conditions. For this reason, I don’t want to always invest a lot of time and money into something because it is the easiest way to avoid being too upset if it breaks.

This makes this necklace I put together yesterday, perfect!

5 min necklace

I got my awesome box of goodies from Wholeport and immediately when I saw the ruffles, I knew I was going to make a few necklaces and they went together so quick!

For the first one, I used THIS turquoise with colorful polka-dot ruffle, it is so fun and comes all ready to go to add onto anything- or make a necklace from.

Next I just cut a 6 inch piece, grabbed a little ribbon flower, and measured out an 18 inch piece of chain. I like the necklaces to hang at right about my shirt line and I like to slip them on without having a clasp, so this works well for me. You can go with measurements that work for you, a lot of time I just hold things up to my neck and measure that way. Next warm up that hot glue gun and, hold on, this is going to be really complicated, glue one side of the chain to the back of one side of the ruffle.

necklace oneI know, there are just crazy skills need for my crafts. I’m a little sarcastic, I hope you caught that :)

Next, just glue the other side and then add some hot glue to your flower and put it on and you are done!

necklace 2It is so much fun and the ruffle is so affordable you could make a ton of these for holiday presents for very little. In fact, I may have to make a whole bunch more!

necklace 3How do you like to accessorize?

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2 Responses to 5 Minute Ruffle Necklace

  1. Kara September 12, 2013 at 6:32 pm #

    Love!!! Simple jewelry is the best kind! And you know my heart loves ruffles & polka dots so this necklace is love at first sight!

    • delicateconstructionbymichelle@gmail.com September 13, 2013 at 12:02 am #

      Thanks so much girl!! We are so alike!