5 health rules follow wear contacts

5 Health Rules to Follow if You Wear Contacts

I have been wearing contacts for over half of my 30 years on this planet. I got glasses when I was one, maybe even just a few months old, and it wasn’t until I was 12 or 13 that I was able to get contacts and once I put them in, I never looked back! Needless to say, me and my Optometrist are pretty tight.  Here are some rules that all people with contacts can relate to- and if you are new to contacts, this is a good place to start!


contact rules

First off, contact solution is serious business. This is not an area to cut corners or brand hop, you find your brand and you stick to it. Let me repeat that. You stick to your brand! I remember once I had this amazing coupon for a new solution and tried it out- no, it was not good. You find a brand, usually the one recommended by your optometrist for your contacts, and you stick with it. I have never had one single problem as long as I follow directions. A multipurpose solution is also pretty helpful so that you can use the same solution for cleaning the lenses manually as well as soaking. Check out this awesome info graphic from the American Optometric Association- it outlines everything perfectly!

Along with investing in the right contact lens solution, you also need to make sure you are putting your contacts in FRESH solution every evening. That means after you put your contacts in, dump it out so that you can fill it up fresh in the evening. These are your EYES people, they are pretty important! Keeping your contacts clean and fresh makes sure your eyes and vision are well taken care of!  Also make sure you switch out your case every 3 months- it is a great excuse to pick up a cute one! Check out this adorable case that fits a contact lens case perfectly!

Unplanned naps are a no-no. If you are feeling tired and you think you might like to catch a feel z’s, take the contacts out. Trust me, sleeping with contacts over night is an obvious no-no, but even naps can wake up up with dry, irritated eyes.

Expiration dates are serious. These are not cereal from the back of the pantry that is just a couple of days passed. These are contacts and if you wear disposable contacts, the date in and date out are important! I have been known to even set a note and alarm in my phone letting me know I need to toss the current pair and open up a new set. I mentioned eyes are important, right?! Good.

Sharing contacts? Ew. Just don’t. That goes without saying, right? I don’t care if it is Halloween and your friend has super cute cat eye contacts that would match your costume perfectly. You just can’t. Plus you have to get contacts by prescription to be sure they are safe for your eyes because no outfit or costume is worth potential long term consequences to vision and eye health.

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