5 easy halloween kids crafts

5 Easy Halloween Kid’s Crafts

I have been doing what I can do make sure I am still doing projects with Avery even thought I am not her teacher and am not able to do them with her at school.

Plus there are so many fun holiday projects to do from here on out for the rest of the year!! It is kind of like a fall bucket list only in reverse, I write them down as I go, not before I start.

Here are 5 Halloween Crafts we did when Scotty wasn’t feeling well last week and we stayed home with him.

It was more or less with stuff I had on hand, the wooden pieces were picked up on clearance for .25 cents each, woohoo!

First I took the insanse amount of gauze my husband brought home from work (more about that HERE) and I thought we would make a mummy. I got a basic person shape and cut it out of some cardstock. I put glue on top and cut the gauze in half and let her go at it.

I let it dry before I trimmed down the edges.

She over course picked yellow paper to glue it on in the end.

Then was the bat, it was done in the same way except instead of gauze, I used these black spider paper napkins I also found on clearance.

The bat was done just with purple dot paints, I get mine from the dollar store. Then when it was dry, I added the googly eyes for fun. 

Then was the ghost, I had some of those glitter foam sticker sheets and I just cut a bunch of rectangles and let her add them on.

Lastly was the pumpkin, I just let her pick some washi tape for this one, I think she had a blast and it took a bit of time to do all the projects! And like I always say, busy kid’s don’t get in trouble!

What are your favorite fall crafts?

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