4 ingredient easy cupcake

4 Ingredient Easy Cupcake!

This is one of those recipes that, as a mom, you have to keep on hand! I have already met instances where I needed to make cupcakes last minute and when it is after 10 pm, I am not looking for home made amazing-ness. I am looking for something cute but quick that is not super involved.

This is one of those perfect recipes!




I have talked about this before but it is super easy, you take 1 box of cake mix and add a 12 oz soda instead of ALL the ingredients it calls for on the box. No eggs, no oil, no water- nothing. Just soda.

With these, I had even more fun and use some sparkling pear juice I had in the pantry, still has the bubbles which is the key and they have a fun, sweet flavor!

There are 2 ingredients, right there, the other two are simply the frosting and the little wafer straw I added to the top! Whenever I go to Target, I stock up on the frosting because it is so affordable there. I grab boxes of cake mix whenever they are on clearance and I always have these things on hand in the cupboard. Of course I love a good homemade recipe but these are so helpful to have as backup! I found the wafer straws at Big Lots for a dollar for a whole container, I am fighting the urge to go buy like 20 of them just to have because they are SO CUTE!

That mixed with some ADORABLE cupcake liners that the lovely people at Wholeport sent me, and then wrapped with some bakers twine and done!


cupcake 1


No one would guess you threw this together last minute!

PLUS, when you take out the oil and eggs and replace with a diet soda, your cupcake is low calorie!

You’re welcome- :)

My cutie had to get into one of the pictures too, so of course I must share!



What is your go-to last minute trick?

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