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Gauze Candy Corn Wreath

It has been well established that I enjoy a craft challenge. Wade takes advantage of this to get me to use up things I am hording have too many of and likes to bring weird items home from work. Like, for example, thousands of gauze pads.  Of course, don’t your husbands bring such things home? […]

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You aren’t afraid of a little spider, or 300, are you?

I am starting to get all the pumpkins and Halloween stuff sorted. Basically I pull out all the fall stuff and start with a lot of pumpkins in September, Halloween in October and then supplement with more leaves and other things for November. Every year I am more and more excited about decorating for Halloween! […]

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Felt Flower Wreath

It is done!! If you follow me on instagram, you have seen me posting the progress of this project over the last few days. If not, you should follow me! {delicatelyconstructed} Back to the project. I ran out of felt twice. I also ran out of glue sticks. I have a tutorial for these felt […]

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Tissue Paper Wreath

Did I tell you all about how I stole my friend’s daughter’s party? I heard that she was going to throw a tea party for her 2 year old’s birthday party and I hopped to it offering my assistance. So, while I was at the dollar store, I saw some CUTE tissue paper in turquoise […]

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Doily Wreath

I always think a plain wreath form is a blank canvas, but it is usually one that stumps me. I think it is because I make it much more difficult that it needs to be, but I really want to challenge myself and think of an idea I haven’t seen yet. I had talked about […]

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Pennant Wreath

As you all know, I haven’t been buying craft materials right now, sorta on a frivolous spending freeze. As much as I would like to think craft materials are a necessity.. sadly they are not.  BUT, I graduate next week and when my Dad told me he wanted to take me shopping for my graduation […]

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Cupcake Liner Wreath- Quick Tutorial

This is hands down my most favorite wreath I have ever made. I feel like it makes a really great statement on the door and I am always happy to see it when I open the door or pull into the driveway. I know that this is nothing new in the blogesphere, but here is […]

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