30 minute temporary head board tutorial

30 Minute Temporary Head Board Tutorial

Yup, you read that right!!

I wanted to make Avery a headboard for her new big kid bed, but I didn’t have a lot of things to make it out of at my disposal- so I got creative! Naturally. :)

Here is what I came up with:


kids headboard


You know what the best part is? It is temporary and perfect for a renter! {Like us.}

I gathered up some molding I had in the garage, measuring tape, level, command strips, hot glue, painter’s tape, paint, and vinyl, which interestingly enough, I had on hand.

I took some measurements of Avery’s bed and then cut my molding on my saw, I used 45 degree angles. If you are not familiar with this kind of thing, it may take longer but I just cut the top piece first and the outermost points were what I measured, then from the top points to the bed for the height. Side note, do you see how I scored on command strips? A dollar!


headboard collage 1

The part that makes it temporary is that the molding is on the wall with command strips, I love these things and for the record, this is not a sponsored post. I just think these things are awesome. I added the hot glue to hold the joints together, but that is not what is holding it to the wall. Fabulous!


headboard collage 2


Then I just taped off the inside of molding and painted it with a paint sample I grabbed from the clearance rack at Home Depot, it was like a dollar!


headboard collage 3


After that, I still thought that it needed something so of course I went to my Cricut and cut some vinyl from the Mickey Font cartridge for her name and then a Mickey shape from the Mickey and Friends Cartridge and put those up on the wall.


headboard collage


I love it!

True story, I had to do this project over a period of time as there are a billion distractions in my life. While I was putting on the vinyl, I got kicked out of Avery’s room because she got put on time out. It was hilarious “sorry honey, you got to go” HA! That is what happens when you repeatedly tackle the puppy with a pillow.


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