30 easy back school girls hairstyles

30+ Easy Back to School Girls Hairstyles

The first day of school is next week and I let Avery take a break on a lot of things this summer; she took a break from homework, structure, matching clothes and, maybe her favorite, unique hairstyles. Avery was born with a good amount of hair but then it took FOREVER for it to grow. Her first haircut was on her 5th birthday and this mama loves a big ol’ bow and I also love to have fun with all these adorable hairstyles I see everywhere. That is when I got the idea back in June to do a different hairstyle every day for the month! I thought it would be a fun back to school post so I am so excited that I finally get to share it with you all!

30 + hairstyle ideas

I have share the names I came up with for each of them and if you need tutorials you can search YouTube or leave me a note in the comments and I can do a tutorial for you in a separate post. Let’s get started!

This is probably one of my favorites, a faux french pull through braid. Love this one!

French bubble pony tail, just a lot of pony tails that are puffed out and made to look bubbly.

Crossed French Braid

Double Dutch French Braids

French Pull Through to a Pony Tail

Faux Braid Pull Through Pony Tail

French Pull Through with Pull through Pony Tail

Pull Through Pony Tail

Dutch French Braid

French Pull Through Pig Tails

Side Swept French Braid

Crossed Pony Tail

Double Faux French Pull Through Braid

Cross Braided Pig Tails

Double French Braid

Messy Bun with a bow in the back under the bun.

Single Dutch French Braid

French Crossed to a Pull Through Pony (sure, that’s what we will call it)

Pony Tail with a piece bobby pinned around the hair tie (they can’t all be crazy).

The. Hair. Bow.

Crimpy Side Clip (it was Disney day at school and she had a Little Mermaid vibe going)

Double Knot Pony

Double Piano Braid

Pig Tails with pieces wrapped around the hair ties.

Crossed French Braids

Crossed Pig Tails

Star Braid Pig Tails

Basket Weave French Braid

Fish Tail Braid

Triple Double Knots

Pulled Through Piece

And, on the occasional weekend, she just got to have her hair DOWN (these are probably her favorite days , until she can’t see when it gets all in her face that is).

There you go! I think there are around 33 different ideas here, I hope you found one you want to try on your daughter this week!

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