3 ingredient valentines pie crust cookies

3 Ingredient Valentine’s Pie Crust Cookies

Hey friends! I am so excited about Valentine’s Day this year because we get to celebrate it at Avery’s school! I have yet to get to put together some Valetine’s with Avery for her friends but this is the year! These fun little cookies are just a bonus. Every time we make pie, I always cook off all the scraps and they are gone in seconds, this time I decided to skip the pie and just make some fun pie crust cookies and it was the easiest thing ever! Check it out, there are only 3 ingredients!

pie crust cookies

It all started with pie crust, I used just regular store bought crust and rolled it out on my counter top.

pie crust cookies 2

Then I grabbed a heart shaped cutter and got as many as I could out of each crust. The number of cookies depends on the size of your cutter, also, make sure to save the scraps and cook those off to!

pie crust cookies 3

Then I egg washed each piece with some beaten egg with just a splash of water added. This is going to make the toppings stick.

pie crust cookies 4

You could use whatever you want for toppings and they could match any holiday or party this way, but I went with Valentine’s sprinkles- adorable!

pie crust cookies 5

I love how they came out and they were so fast and easy to make- plus the family gobbled them right up!

pie crust cookies 6

What is your favorite Valentine’s day treat? Let me know in the comments below!

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