25 giant ground planter

$25 Giant Above Ground Planter

It is spring and that means gardening! Well… for my husband, not so much me. I like picking things out at Home Depot and building stuff, but the whole maintaining the garden thing is not really my jam. I always get distracted, forget to water and let things die. My husband, however, gets all into it and not only is our front yard not the embarrassment of the neighborhood, but we are getting things together in the backyard and he even has a compost up and running. The one thing we were missing were veggies and that calls for some large planters and something a bit taller so the animals stay out of them. Check out what we came up with!

I love how this turned out and because of that, I plan on making at least two more. They are a variation of the planters I made for our front yard, you can check those out HERE and they are still there and holding up great. The secret to these planters is using affordable fence boards because they are already designed to be outside and hold up great in the weather. For the ones in the link above, I used two to make the small squares but for this large one in the back, I picked up 9 six foot boards and a 2×4 for around $25. To start, I cut off the very top of all the boards where there are the small angled cuts and then cut three of the boards in half. That gave me 6 boards at 70 inches and 6 boards at 35 inches.

Then I cut my 2×4 to the height of 3 boards which is 16.5 inches.

I laid out two of the 2x4s and lined up 3 of the 70 inch boards with the edge on each side and then I used my nail gun to tack it all down. Then repeat this with the other 3 long boards and 2 2x4s.

Next, I stood up each of the long sides and added one of the shorter 35 inch boards on each side so it stood on it’s own. I tacked these in with 2 inch nails in my nail gun and the more the merrier in my opinion. Plus, I might enjoy using my nail gun more than I should but things don’t fall apart this way!

Lastly, I just added the two additional shorter boards on each side and it was done!

When we put it in the back yard we lined the bottom with cardboard for a few reasons, first to block the weeds a bit, second to take up some space so we could save some money on soil and three because we have just so very much cardboard and not a big enough recycle bin!

Then we added 12 bags of soil on top and got to planting! There are only a few things in this one because they all need space but I am excited to get the other two up and running and add more veggies so we can stagger the harvest. We… haha, like how I took credit there?

above ground planter 8

What are your best veggie garden tips? Let me know in the comments below!


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