21dayfix visual organization idea

#21dayfix Visual Organization Idea

Monday I start a new journey, if you are a fan of Beach Body programs (think P90x and Insanity) then you may have heard of one of the newest programs, the 21 day fix. This one is different than the rest of the workout programs because the focus of this program is just as much nutrition and food as it is work outs. It is all about portion control, not just eating the right foods, but the right amount of food. It comes with these colored containers to assist you in measuring throughout the 21 days and each color corresponds to a food group. So the green container is for veggies, the purple for fruit, red for protein and so on. Then, after working out the simple formula to find your daily calorie intake, there is a list of how many portions you can have a day. I promise it makes more sense when you look at it!

Point being, after you know how many of each food group you can eat in a day, there is a check list. Since I am a more visual person, I wanted to create a much more visual and easily recognizable way to track my food for the day and that is where this organizational idea came in- check it out:


Now, I know all of this means nothing if you don’t know about the program, but if you do know about the program this is a much easier way to see what has been eaten and exactly what is left- at a glance. I am trying to set myself up for success here and I am definitely a visual person so this is perfect. Extra points that it was incredibly easy as well- all I did was grab a piece of construction paper from Avery’s stash and traced all the lids in the corresponding color with one for each daily portion (so since I can have 5 green containers of veggies, I traced the lid 5 times). Then I cut everything out (I just used small grey circles for the teaspoons).

#21dayfix 2

After everything was cut out, I laminated each piece and hot glued a piece of magnet to the back of each one.

#21dayfix 3

I knew I wanted to keep them in the kitchen and the side of my fridge was the perfect place so I placed them all in a bowl on the microwave and they are easily accessible. It all comes down to prep, that is what I am learning, and this is hopefully going to help me be successful in this program.

#21dayfix 4

Interesting fact…. I was on hold the ENTIRE time I made these. Like from tracing to laminated, the whole thing. On hold. Just thought I would share.


 If you need more information about ANY Beach Body program you have to get in touch with my friend Chelsey  HERE!!


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