21 day fix meal prep ideas

21 Day Fix Meal Prep Ideas

I always love sharing 21 Day Fix ideas with you all because it is a plan I can really get behind. It is the only eating plan I have ever done that seems manageable as a lifestyle, mostly because I don’t have to give up carbs… or wine. But I know that one of my main requirements to succeed is to meal prep and this is a peak in my lunch box for this week!

At my work, I can’t have meat so my normal go to would be chicken but that isn’t a choice. Instead I went with fish and usually it is whatever fish is most affordable that week and in this case I got tilapia loins from Costco for a great price. I threw them on the griddle with some roasted pepper and garlic seasoning and let them cook up.

Meanwhile, I took a frozen bag of green beans and poured it in a bowl and added a few spoonfuls of pesto (my favorite right now!).

I picked up some reusable containers from the store and laid them out and added one yellows worth of brown rice. I used these brown rice bowls I picked up at Costco and I didn’t cook them first, just put them in. I have found that when I make brown rice in my rice maker and add it to my lunches it always comes out dry, I have more luck with the bowls.

Then I used my green container to add green beans to the other side.

All that was left at this point was to add the tilapia!

I let it cool a bit, added the lids and they went in the fridge and I am ready for the week!

How do you meal prep? Let me know in the comments below!

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