21 day fix approved banana pancakes

21 Day Fix Approved Banana Pancakes!

Like most people, I have tried a NUMBER of different eating plans and exercise routines, however I just love the 21 Day Fix plan because it really is just the most realistic. You don’t have to give anything up and moderation and portion control are the whole point. I have been able to lose weight while following this plan and still enjoying one ‘cheat’ meal a week. That being said, I love finding easy recipes that I can have during the week that feel like a cheat but aren’t in the slightest and this is one of those recipes! Who doesn’t love pancakes? People I don’t trust, that’s who!

This is a 2 ingredient recipe- that’s it, two ingredients! All you need is a banana, two eggs and your blender.

Throw those things in (equals 2 purples, or you could probably get away with 1 purple if it was a small banana, and 1 red) and blend it up!

Then all you have to do is spray your pan (I use non stick spray that has like a calorie in it or something) and pour on your pancakes. This makes about 4 regular sized pancakes or a bunch of silver dollar size.

When they come out they are not going to be a quarter inch thick like traditional pancakes but they certainly hit the spot! Wade and I tried them and they are delicious, but that is all we got because then Avery stole the plate and ate the rest. That was the true test anyways though, let’s be honest! I like to top mine with agave nectar instead of honey because it is thinner so a little goes further, especially on a warm pancake!

Let me know what your favorite 21 Day Fix swaps are in the comments below!

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