2016 preschool classroom tour

2016 Preschool Classroom Tour

We have just started another new school year and this classroom may have taken the most work since my very first year of teaching. Both that year and this year I was taking a room from scratch and creating a space that I will spend the next 10 months in, that is quite a task! This year I walked into a tiny, hold on TINY, white classroom with a pile of furniture in one corner. There was nothing in the cupboards, on the shelves or on the walls when I walked in on Monday morning and by Wednesday afternoon I needed to have a space that was ready for parents. It was quite the challenge and not only is it done (almost, settling in takes time though) but it is one of my favorite rooms yet! Check it out!

2016 preschool classroom tour

Alright, I have a few pictures but I really think a video tour would be better so once that is complete I will have to share that on YouTube. The first picture is the view when you walk in the door. To the right of that are the cubbies with this fun family photo board above, I encouraged all the parents to bring in family photos to post on our board.

You can also see my first day of school sign sitting on top of the cubbies, all gold and glitter- my favorite!

Next, there is one of my favorite pieces of  furniture- I love this industrial shelf for art supplies and not it is almost like my trademark. The lower shelf that the kids can reach only have a few things on it right now, I will add as the year goes on but I don’t like to add too much in the beginning because it is just too overwhelming for children getting used to a new classroom. The higher shelves I use for my art storage because I think art supplies are pretty (not surprising) and I don’t have the cupboard space so it is a win/win.

To the right of the art shelf there was a large double bulletin board that I made into one large board that has some frames (also standard for my classrooms) and on the right and the left I used these yellow patterned wallpaper that will be the backdrop for each child’s art. I will put all the kids names on one of the ‘frames’ and this will be a feature wall so to speak (there is a better view of this in the first picture). Also, I love the large roll of butcher paper, I can’t believe that I made space for this but it so fits the vibe of my teaching style and room so I LOVE it!

To the right of that is the cabinets and counter area and if you keep going I have my rainbow table which is great for teacher directed activities and behind that table is another bulletin board that I lined with twine and little clothespins to hang art as we create, watercolors are by far my favorite type of paint. Above my rainbow table are these cute hanging decorations I picked up in a kit at Michaels with a coupon- love the fun addition to the classroom! They work so well with all my hanging pieces from the ceiling and really tie my whole teal, yellow and gray color scheme together.

I also want to zoom in the corner of that bulletin board to the paper flowers, one of my friends walked in and saw me making them and said “paper flowers, this really is starting to look like your room”. It’s true.

I think that brings us back around to the front, I will get a video done this week and add it to this post, but you get the idea. Thanks for checking out my room this year!



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