1st sign fall coffee filter wreath

1st Sign of Fall {Coffee Filter Wreath}

For me, the first sign of a new season is a new wreath. Not surprising because sometimes the first sign of a new week or day is a new wreath with me… but moving on. Maybe it is because summers are long and hot and never go as planned, but as soon as back to school hits, I just decide it is fall. I may still have a month until this is actually true, but I am not too worried about the details. ? So, to get in the spirit, I switched my bright and colorful pom pom wreath for a fun and full coffee filter wreath!


I really enjoy wreaths but especially ones that are a bit time consuming to put together, I don’t know why. I am also frugal so I wanted to reuse the wreath form from the pom pom wreath because I knew I wouldn’t hang it again (I have too much fun  making wreaths to re use them) and usually I would give it away, but I don’t see others putting it up with fall and such coming so I took it apart. It actually looked kind of cool because I just cut off the plastic around the straw wreath that keeps all the straw contained and all the pom poms were attached so they came off at once in a caterpillar like manner.


Then, because I still wanted the straw to be contained and not get all over the front porch, I just wrapped it with some gold ribbon that I had on hand. I just hot glued it on and wrapped a few times then added some glue and kept on going.


Once it was covered, I was ready to add the coffee filters. I have found that with most wreaths where you are covering the whole thing with either tissue paper or napkins or cupcake liners or anything along these lines, that it is easiest to do the outside and inside edges first and then work your way around. It has taken me a while to come up with this method but it is for sure one that I am sticking with from here on out!


This one is really simple, I kept it plain because I just loved how big, full and fluffy it was once it was finished and I couldn’t wait to get it on the door.  For the record, this took just over 1 package of the brown coffee filters… if you follow me on instagram you already know this. Now if only it wasn’t almost 100 degrees everyday so I could be outside more to enjoy it!! coffee-filter-wreath-5


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