15 minute quick clean up

15 Minute Quick Clean Up

I try to have my house company ready at least at one point each day, and it is usually during nap time. But, I have a toddler so it is just inevitable that at any other given point of the day, I would not be eager to just welcome friends and family into my home confidently.

You know it has happened to all of us, you get a call that someone is going to stop by or the hubbs is going to come home soon, something. Either way, you look around and it, well, just is not good.

Here are my tips for whipping the house into shape in around 15 minutes.

As a disclaimer, these are tips to create the illusion of a company ready home, some things you will need to go back and deal with but the point is that no one really has to know about that. ?

1. Grab a laundry basket and run around the house grabbing anything that is in a room that it does not belong. Stash this somewhere to deal with later when company leaves, I usually choose my room. By a rule, I am not a fan of anyone in my room so the door is always closed anyways.

2. If the bedrooms are a mess, just shut the door. 

3. Wipe down the bathroom, if someone is using your bathroom, they are basically sitting there for a bit and have no choice but to look around, you want this to be pretty clean. I love me some wipes, baby, cleaning, whatever. They are my favorite quick clean tool.

4. Throw the dishes in the dishwasher, I normally have to rinse and basically wash the dishes before they go in (so I can just do a quick cycle) but when someone is going to come over, I just toss everything in and throw it on heavy duty. Wipe down counters with another wipe.

5. Open all the windows, if weather allows, just to get the stuffiness out.

6. Sweep or vacuum, this is must because I have laminate and dogs and there is always an animal worth of fur on the floor. But here is my secret, don’t judge now, I just sweep it underneath a chair or deep back under one of the couches and then go throw it away after they leave. Fighting with the dust pan when I am stressed is not something I am a fan of, personally.

7. If your ceiling fans have dust, just turn them on and no one will notice. Especially if the windows are shut, because it gets the air moving.


8. Last, maybe my favorite, spray with a room refresher, love these things, maybe too much.

I hope this helps! I get a lot of practice at this so I am able to get faster and have pretty much gotten to the point of putting toys and things away without the laundry basket but it is still a go to on Avery’s particularly destructive days.

Oh, and while I am a big fan of the products shared, this was not a sponsored post, I wish it was though!

2 Responses to 15 Minute Quick Clean Up

  1. Southern Scraps January 2, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    I’ve done all of these except the sweeping tip. Thanks.

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