15 minute mickey hoop art

15 Minute Mickey Hoop Art

I am not the best at sewing, but I enjoy learning fun new ways to use my sewing machine to make things for around the house!

I have been doing, maybe the slowest makeover ever, on my daughters bedroom recently and it is a Mickey and Minnie in pink, black and white theme. I had some plain fabric in embroidery hoops but it was a little plain. That is when I came up with this:

hoop art

The best part is it took almost no time at all! 15 minutes to be exact!

I started with the fabric and sewing part, I used some jars I found around the house that were the right size to trace to make the Mickey shape. Then I cut it out and pinned it on! I see that a lot of people hand sew on their hoop art pieces, but I had a few seconds of Avery occupied in an activity so I thought I would just take it to the sewing machine to get it done fast, and it was perfect timing!

hoop art 2

Before I put it in the frame, I wrapped it with some hot glue and scrap fabric. After that, I put my sewing piece in, pulled it tight and then glued it around the back.

hoop art 3Done! It was that easy and it is a lot more fun that what was there before. I think I am going to have to add a bit of flair to all the hoops!


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