13 selfies you need to take at disneyland

13 Selfies You Need to Take at Disneyland

We recently took our last Disneyland trip for the summer (cue the tears) before our passes black out and it was during that trip that I realized how quick and easy it is to grab selfies throughout the park. You can just pose and snap and you have a fun little family photo without the hassle of stopping to find  someone to take your picture. Of course we do still get the standard pictures, but it is the generation of the selfie and I am all about taking advantage of getting the most family pictures I can from my day at Disneyland! Here is my fun list of all the must have selfies the next time you spend the day at Disney!

disney selfies

1. Of course you need the Mickey Mouse flower selfie at the opening to Disneyland.

disney selfie 7

2. It is also fun to get one at the entrance to Disneyland California Adventure (DCA).

disney selfie 6

3. A Buena Vista Street selfie would be next on the list at DCA.

4. Along the same lines, you must have a Main Street USA selfie at Disneyland.

disney selfie 8

5. The castle selfie- naturally.

disney selfie 10

6.  The waterfall selfie, love all the waterfalls around DCA!

disney selfie 3

7. The first ride selfie.

disney selfie 2

8. The top of the Mickey’s Fun Wheel selfie. (DCA)

9. The Mickey Mouse (or any character) selfie.

disney selfie 5

10. The sweet treat selfie.

disney selfie 4

11. The on the ride selfie.

disney selfie 9

12. The Walt Disney selfie (with the statue in front of the castle in Disneyland).

13. The Princess selfie (any princess).

There you go! 13 selfies that will be sure to capture memories for you and your family on your next trip to Disneyland or DCA!


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