10 tips to developing healthy habits

8 Tips to Developing Healthy Habits

Alright y’all! It is the beginning of January and I know that for most of us that means resolutions that usually involve diet and exercise. Now, I got really into this and completely switch up my lifestyle last year and ended up losing 45 pounds! But I am not perfect and fell off for a bit and need to get myself back on track as well, but at least this time I know EXACTLY what I need to do and I thought that I would share it all with you as well!

1.Find an eating plan that works for you. I love 21 Day Fix, like LOVE. It is perfect for me because I get to have a little bit of everything and I don’t have to keep track of calories or anything like that. Whatever program or style that you like and works for you is what you should do so do you research if you need to!

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2. Take baby steps on the big stuff. I am a huge energy drink lover and I know those are not good for me for quite a few reasons (especially when you have 4 or so a day- I know, I know!) so I knew that was one of the main habits I need to kick. To get me into coffee, I need creamer and this is not a part of the 21 day fix, baby steps. It is worth it to me to fudge a bit on using creamer to get me off the energy drinks.

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3. Get moving! It is crazy, but eating right and exercising are the keys to getting healthy and dropping the weight. The best thing is to make exercise enjoyable. I love  taking a local cardio hip hop class and it is perfect to do on the weekends when I am thinking of taking a day off.

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4.Don’t take two rest days in a row. I know it is attractive to take off Saturday and Sunday but that is a slippery slope and it is too easy to get off track that way. Also try not to miss a Monday, you want to start the week strong!

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5. Give yourself a goal. When I started my first round of 21 day fix, I had gotten a couple of pieces of exercise clothing but not much. Once I finished the first round, I got to reward myself with a new pair of exercise shoes which I really needed anyways but I wanted to make sure that I earned. Each month I got through I got a new piece of clothing.

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6. Prep, prep, prep! I prep for my lunch the night before and I even go as far as wearing my exercise clothes to bed so all I have to do is wake up and push play! You have to prepare, it is the key!

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7. Don’t forget moderation. Don’t think of r a second that I didn’t take cheat meals, we totally did! One meal isn’t going to ruin everything just like one meal didn’t get me there in the first place. In the beginning it was once every few weeks but really you can go out an enjoy a meal a couple times a month and you will be fine.

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8. Start a fitness Instagram. Now, I have an Instagram for my blog and life but I also have a fitness Instagram where I post all my sweaty selfies, food pictures and other accountability shots. All the pictures from this post were pulled from that Instagram and this way I can have a photo feed that is full of fitness inspiration as well as a whole new support group. Plus, this is a great way to track progress and compare before and after pictures of yourself. Check me out at @onemommysjourney

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