10 Things I love about Disney w/my Daughter

10 Things I Love About Going to Disneyland With My Daughter:

I have shared a lot about Disney on my blog, I am a big fan, BIG.

I live in Southern California so I have been quite a few times in my life, but I tell you what, nothing compares to going with you own child. It is a whole new experience, and better I think.

Here are 10 things I love about going to Disney with my daughter:

1. NO Long Lines: Of course all the big roller coasters are fun, but there is for sure something to be said about not spending most of your day waiting in 1 hour+ lines. Yes, there is the fast pass but that is still a lot of the day revolving around a few major attractions. I am finding the more we go with Avery, the more stuff we are able to do because the lines are never more than 15 minutes, 30 at the most and that is rare.  Plus I am impatient, that might have something to do with it, just maybe.

2. “Single Riders”: If you do like those rides, but you can’t go with your toddler, there is always the “single rider” option. Basically, if you are riding alone, on many of the rides you can go in through the exit and essentially be a seat filler and get in there a lot faster. This is the perfect thing to do during naptime so the parents can get their turns on the big rides. We haven’t done it but I did notice the sign on a few of the big rides.

3. Hundreds of Photo Ops: It is not secret that me and my camera are BFF’s, I would get it a bracelet if that wasn’t weird. I take hundreds, no exaggeration, of pictures when we go to Disney each time with Avery, I don’t want to miss a second. Everything is exciting and there are so many areas that are set up as photo ops that it makes you want to get to each one!


4. Avery is FREE: Come on, this is a huge benefit! We were able to get the lowest pass for 10$ each a month because of a So Cal discount and Avery is free because she is under 3! I always tell my mom friends, take them for the first time when they are under three because they are free! Avery really enjoys it and remembers it so I don’t think she is too young.

5. Characters: I will admit, the first time we went to Disneyland, Avery really didn’t know who most of the characters were, so we didn’t get many pictures. But each of the next times she started to get more interested and the last time we went, she was ALL over it! It was the cutest thing on planet earth to see her so excited. I think it was better than when I saw them as a kid.

6. Strollers: One of my favorite parts is the stroller, being able to pack up everything we need for the day and then NOT carrying it! That is amazing. I do however, have everything of value and importance in one bag so I can grab and go when we park them for rides. Things like jackets and such stay in the stroller but cameras, phones and wallets all go in the bag.

7. Hidden Mickey’s: This makes the travel between the rides fun, maybe it is just us but Avery is excited every.single.time she see a Mickey. From the shape of a stone in a wall to the mouse himself, they are all a big deal. I have gotten some great pictures during these hunts as well, even if he wasn’t so hidden in some of them lol.


8. Relive all your favorites: Disney brings out the kid in us, that is no doubt but being able to go on all the rides and walk around with your child seeing it for the first time is so much fun! Just walking down Main Street and going on “It’s a Small World”… but not the tea cups just yet lol.

9. Finding Things I Never Knew Existed: Every time we go, we stumble upon a new thing that either wasn’t there when I was a kid or, more often, I just didn’t know was there or never went on it. Some things that stand out were Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, a petting zoo in Big Thunder Jamboree, the Haunted Mansion decorated for Nightmare Before Christmas, and the train that goes around the whole park.

10. Memories: Of course, these are memories that we will have forever, as sappy as that is, childhood flies by!! I don’t want to miss this and want to ensure we are doing as much as possible with Avery, and enjoying every second!

2 Responses to 10 Things I Love About Going to Disneyland With My Daughter:

  1. Rebecca September 19, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

    We took my daughter to Disneyland for the first time in May. She was 2 1/2. It was perfect! I loved taking her there at that age and experiencing everything through her eyes!

  2. Kara @ Mine for the Making September 23, 2012 at 4:55 am #

    Love this post. So sweet that you can do this with Avery. LOVED all of the pictures. Such a cutie she is.